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Atomic Heart: Release date, platforms, gameplay, more

Atomic Heart is one of the most-anticipated games of 2023, so here’s everything we know about the ambitious FPS so far.



Atomic Heart characters with logo

Atomic Heart is the ambitious debut game from developer Mundfish, an interesting FPS inspired by the likes of Bioshock and Half Life. Here’s everything you need to know about Atomic Heart, including its release date.

2023 may have only just begun, but the lineup of upcoming games already looks stacked. Hogwarts Legacy is set to be the first new game to hit shelves, with the likes of Starfield still to come later down the line.

Another intriguing title gathering hype in 2023 is Atomic Heart, the exciting first game from developer Mundfish that looks to send players on a twisted sci-fi journey through an alternate reality Soviet Union.

If Atomic Heart is on your radar, we’ve got a breakdown of everything you need to know about the game right here, from how it plays to when it will release.

Atomic Heart release date & platforms

Atomic Heart is set to arrive on February 21, 2023, across both generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC. Sadly, there is currently no word on whether or not a Nintendo Switch version is in the works.

Those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass will also be able to try out Atomic Heart on day one for no extra cost, as it will be part of Microsoft’s ever-growing catalog.

The game was first revealed all way back in 2017 but was hit by severe delays, causing updates to dry up in the following years. Then, it resurfaced again in early 2022, before the devs confirmed the final release date back in November.

Despite the lengthy development cycle, Atomic Heart has still managed to keep plenty of fans interested over the years, who will be keen to finally get their hands on the chaotic shooter.

Atomic Heart boss
Players will have large bosses to deal with in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart gameplay

Atomic Heart is primarily a first-person shooter but also contains action RPG elements. Players have access to a varied arsenal of weapons to blast through killer robots, but limited ammo means there is a keen focus on melee combat.

The protagonist, P-3, is also equipped with a Polymer Glove that grants special abilities not too dissimilar from the Plasmids seen in the Bioshock series. These powerful skills allow players to suspend enemies in the air, freeze them in place, or shock them with a bright electrical bolt.

As the story unfolds and your character levels up, more and more techniques will unlock, giving you even more options to turn foes into piles of scrap.

Atomic Heart also features a large open facility to explore, packed full of secrets and optional bosses to fight, while story missions take place in more self-contained, linear dungeons. The frantic gameplay will also be broken up by creative puzzles to put the full range of the Polymer Glove’s skills to the test.

Atomic Heart player electrocuting enemy
Atomic Heart’s Polymer Glove offers a huge array of abilities.

Atomic Heart story

The main story of Atomic Heart takes place in the Soviet Union in 1955, where an AI hivemind has completely replaced human labor with robots. As you’d expect, things quickly go wrong and the machines turn on the people controlling them.

We control Major Nechaev, better known as P-3, who has been tasked with infiltrating Facility 3826 to keep the situation under control.

Atomic Heart trailers

As mentioned earlier, the reveal trailer for Atomic Heart dropped all the way back in 2017, giving fans their first look at the striking setting and horrifying enemy design.

Check it out below.

We’ve seen plenty of trailers since then including a look at Atomic Heart’s brutal gameplay which can look at here:

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Image credit: Mundfish