Where to find Caradec’s Bounty treasure in Skull and Bones: Map location

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Wondering where to find Caradec’s Bounty in Skull and Bones? Here’s everything you need to know about the treasure’s location so you can complete the contract with ease.

There’s a lot to explore and do in Skull and Bones, as those who set off on their pirate adventure will stumble across various NPCs and combat encounters that will offer you contracts and treasure maps to complete for rewards.

You’ll want to complete these quests and find the treasure alongside the main missions in order to gain the necessary materials for upgrades to your vessel. However, sometimes these side missions aren’t as straightforward as you’d expect, as some require a little bit of digging, literally.

So, if you’re struggling to find Caradec’s Bounty treasure even with the map clue in Skull and Bones, here’s everything you need to know.

Skull and Bones Caradec’s Bounty treasure location

Once you defeat the Royal Louis in the main quest ‘High Seas Heist,’ you will receive Caradec’s Bounty treasure map. Follow these steps to find Caradec’s Bounty and locate the treasure in Skull and Bones:

  1. The location marked on the Caradec’s Bounty treasure map is the Royal Burial Ground, which can be found on the western side of the big island in the Red Isle to the left of Sainte Anne (check image below for exact location).
  2. Once you arrive at the location, disembark to get on land.
  3. Now you’re on land, make your way round to the right and follow the right path all the way around.
  4. Keep going until you pass a Pirate’s Bonfire and you should find the treasure on the right side of the pathway indicated by an orange light.
  5. Interact to dig up the Treasure Chest.
  6. Congratulations, you have found the Cradec’s Bounty treasure.
royal burial ground outpost in skull and bones
The Royal Burial Ground can be found in the Red Isle.

The most difficult part of finding the Caradec’s Bounty is getting the treasure map in the first place, as taking down the Royal Louis is not an easy feat.

Once you follow the steps and find the treasure in the Royal Burial Ground outpost, head back to Scurlock to complete the main mission.

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