Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – All new & returning jobs

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth job, Pyromancer

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has set a large list of jobs for players to pick from while playing Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. If you want to know which will better suit your play style, here’s everything about all new and returning jobs in Like a Dragon’s latest installment.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth invites players to unlock jobs to gain special abilities to use in combat. While players are following the story of Ichiban Kasuga, they’ll have to build their characters to survive his adventure in Hawaii.

In the eighth mainline game of the Like a Dragon franchise, players will have to choose between 28 jobs that players can apply to near the end of chapter five. Here’s every new and returning job to try out in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth- New jobs explained

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has included up to 30 jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, where 12 of them are character-exclusive that act as starting classes. Here’s every new job introduced in the latest installment as described by devs.

  • Hero (Ichiban Kasuga exclusive)
    • Skill: Bat Breaker
    • Description: “A versatile battle style that wields a bat to unleash a variety of offensive techniques. Additionally, the Hero can heal allies as well as boost their abilities by providing words of encouragement. A befitting job for a hero whose duty is to inspire those in their presence.”

  • Sujimancer (Ichiban Kasuga exclusive)
    • Skill: Spicy Breath
    • Description: “A unique battle style that harnesses the power of trained Sujimon to fight. The Sujimancer job allows Kasuga to summon various Sujimon, giving him a range of different options in combat. The job is unique in that it grows stronger for every Sujimon you train and nurture.”

  • Cabbie (Eric Tomizawa exclusive)
    • Skill: Tire Tumbler
    • Description: Armed with a wrench, the Cabbie uses his mechanical experience to manipulate electricity and water. It can leverage special techniques to exploit enemy weaknesses and inflict debuffs on them. A job that can turn the tides of battle by exploiting status ailments.

  • Heiress (Chitose Fujinomiya exclusive)
    • Skill: Grand Jete
    • Description: A battle style that utilizes various disciplines, centered around dance, to manipulate enemies. The Heiress can use its speed to outmaneuver others and alter the flow of combat. A job that possesses skills that reduce the enemy’s Attack and Agility, making it effective against formidable opponents.
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth job, Aquanut
Players can get the job of Aquanaut, one of the most well-rounded classes in the game.
  • Homeless Guy (Yu Nanba exclusive)
    • Skill: Sizzling Spitter
    • Description: “A battle style that utilizes umbrellas and canes to unleash an assortment of techniques, resembling that of a magician. The Homeless Guy can manipulate fire and use pigeons to knock down enemies over a wide area. The job harnesses the unique skill set of the homeless.”

  • Detective (Koichi Adachi exclusive)
    • Skill: Monkey Flip
    • Description: “A powerful battle style that utilizes batons and possesses techniques to break through the opponent’s guard. Excelling in both offense and defense, the Detective is a well-rounded job that allows the user to serve as the party’s shield.”

  • Barmaid (Saeko Mukoda exclusive)
    • Skill: Champagne Splashdown
    • Description: “A battle style that utilizes a handbag to inflict status ailments on enemies. Can weaken enemies by inflicting Cold, Blind, and other ailments. A highly versatile job capable of adapting to tough opponents and prolonged battles.”

  • Assassin (Seonhee exclusive)
    • Skill: Stentorian Whip
    • Description: “A battle style that utilizes needles, crossbows, and other lethal weaponry for a quick kill. The Assassin utilizes whips and projectiles to render enemies immobile and deprive them of opportunities to attack.”

  • Hitman (Joongi Han exclusive)
    • Skill: Professional Slash
    • Description: “A battle style that utilizes lightning-fast one-strike assassination techniques. The Hitman’s high agility allows the user to take the initiative in battles. A job capable of immobilizing enemies and delivering critical strikes from behind. The Hitman can equip blunt weapons, blades, and firearms.”

  • Mafia (Tianyou Zhao exclusive)
    • Skill: Homecooked Dim Sum
    • Description: “A relentless battle style that wields sabers to slash down enemies. The Mafia is a well-balanced job that allows the user to boost its attack while weakening its opponent.”

  • Dragon of Dojima (Kazuma Kiryu exclusive)
    • Skill: Dragon’s Resurgence
    • Description: “A state where Kiryu can freely move, punch, and kick using action buttons for a certain time. Use Kiryu’s unique fighting style to dominate foes and deliver flashy finishing blows!.”
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth job, Desperado
Inspired by Western cinema, Desperados can use their special skill “Wild lasso” to defeat foes.
  • Samurai (Male exclusive)
    • Skill: Burning Arrow
    • Description: “A battle style that excels in handling swords and bows, specializing in consecutive attacks and area-of-effect attacks. The Samurai’s sword techniques can cause enemies to bleed, which will increase the amount of damage dealt. It can also use bows to attack multiple enemies, giving it a range of options to deal with different foes.”

  • Aquanaut (Male exclusive)
    • Skill: Cresting Carger
    • Description: “A battle style that utilizes marine creatures and marine-themed items to confuse opponents. The Aquanaut boasts an array of unique techniques inspired by the sea, allowing the user to blind enemies with squid ink or paralyze them with electric jellyfish. A well-rounded job capable of both offense and healing, making it extremely user-friendly.”

  • Desperado (Male exclusive)
    • Skill: Wild Lasso
    • Description: “A battle style that uses dual pistols, dynamite, and rope, and excels in taking out multiple enemies. The Desperado can learn various status ailment techniques and possesses the wherewithal to take down any target.”

  • Kunoichi (Female exclusive)
    • Skill: Shadow Clone Jutsu
    • Description: “A battle style that bewilders enemies with astonishing speed and ninjutsu techniques. The Kunoichi can use Substitution Jutsu to swap turns with allies and use clones to deal tremendous damage. A job that can use its quick agility to trick enemies and employ ninjutsu to completely alter the course of battle.”

  • Housekeeper (Female exclusive)
    • Skill: Bubble Breach
    • Description: “A battle style that utilizes cleaning techniques to elegantly sweep away enemies. The Housekeeper specializes in multi-target combat, using mops, vacuum cleaners, and other tools of the trade to attack enemies over a wide area.”

  • Geodancer (Female exclusive)
    • Skill: Kolohe Kick
    • Description: “A battle style that uses mysterious dances to attack enemies and provide support to allies. The Geodancer possesses extremely high Magic and is capable of unleashing powerful elemental techniques. A well-balanced job that excels in both bolstering and healing allies.”

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – All returning jobs

Here’s every returning job in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth:

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth job, Kunoichi
Female characters now get to play as a Kunoichi in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.
  • Night Queen (Female exclusive)
  • Dealer (Female exclusive)
  • Idol (Female exclusive)
  • Hostess/Host
  • Musician (Male exclusive)
  • Chef (Male exclusive)
  • Foreman (Male exclusive)
  • Breaker (Male exclusive)
  • Fortuneteller (Male exclusive)
  • Enforcer (Male exclusive)
  • Bodyguard (Male exclusive)
  • Pyrodancer (Male exclusive)
  • Action Star (Male exclusive)

And that’s everything you need to know about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth new and returning jobs. If you want to know more about Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, you can check our guides below:

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