Is Rise of the Ronin Soulslike?

Joaquín Frere
Rise of the Ronin world.

Fans of Soulslike games, like Dark Souls, Elden Ring, or NiOh, wonder if the new Team Ninja Game, Rise of the Ronin, will be Soulslike. Well, here’s all you need to know about Rise of the Ronin having elements from the Souls games.

Rise of the Ronin is Team Ninja’s new and upcoming Action RPG, and the developers of the Ninja Gaiden and NiOh series are set to deliver a Japanese Edo open-world adventure. From what could be seen in trailers, the game will feature combat that resembles Team Ninja’s past games.

But is it entirely like a Souls or NiOh game? Can we consider it Soulslike, regarding its combat, difficulty, and design? Well, here’s the answer to that question, so let’s take a look and check whether Rise of the Ronin is a Soulslike game.

Rise of the Ronin: Is it like Dark Souls?

No, Team Ninja’s upcoming Action RPG Rise of the Ronin is not a Soulslike game.

Unlike the NiOh series, Rise of the Ronin will feature different difficulties for players to select and an open-world ARPG direction, like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The combat might resemble Ghost of Tsushima’s but is closer to the Souls games, even without the Soulslike tag.

Rise of the Ronin in PS5.
In Rise of the Ronin, players can adjust the game’s difficulty.

Combat is not all when trying to define a Soulslike game, and Rise of the Ronin shares similarities, but it will be nothing like Elden Ring or Dark Souls. These games are well-known for being very hard, not narrative-driven, and more of a challenge to players.

Rise of the Ronin is a narrative-driven game from Team Ninja and can only be compared to NiOh and Dark Souls in terms of combat. Hopefully, its different difficulties will entertain casual and hardcore players alike.

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