How to use Junk in Fallout Shelter: Crafting, where to find & sell, more

Emily Stander
Dwellers in Fallout Shelter crafting

Junk in Fallout has always been present, but Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter have changed the way it works to make it necessary to loot for crafting and building. Here is everything you need to know about Junk in Fallout Shelter, including where to find it and how to use it. 

Crafting is incredibly important in Fallout Shelter, and Junk is the main component you’re going to need when you want to create new weapons and armor. 

There are a few places you can get it, but you’ll need to make sure you are prepared to find it – especially rare pieces of Junk. So, here is where you can find Junk in Fallout Shelter, how to use it, and the different rarities you can get. 

What is Junk in Fallout Shelter? 

Junk is a kind of loot in Fallout Shelter that you can sell for caps or use to craft weapons and armor

There are different rarities of Junk, and each one is useful when you are trying to craft weapons and armor in your Vault – but we will explain more on that later. 

Otherwise, Junk can be a great way to make some extra caps when you sell it. It tends to be everywhere in the Wasteland, so it’s unlikely you will run out of it, especially the lower rarities of Junk you can find.

Where to find Junk in Fallout Shelter 

You can find Junk in Fallout Shelter through completing quests, exploring the wasteland, opening Lunchboxes, and scrapping weapons and armor


Lunchboxes are special items you can get by either buying from the shop, completing challenges, or as a reward for logging in every seven days.

You can also sometimes get them as a reward for completing a quest. Each Lunchbox has random items, and sometimes it will give you Junk alongside its other rewards. 


A quest completed in Fallout Shelter
Quests send you to some of the best places to find Junk.

You can start doing quests in Fallout Shelter once you have built an Overseer’s Office. It costs 1000 caps to build when you have reached 18 dwellers in your Vault, and you need two free adjacent blocks to fit it into your layout. Once you have done so, you can start sending your dwellers on quests to complete. 

Each quest will give you different rewards, but you’ll also likely find junk in containers while you are on the quest, so make sure to loot as much as you can!


You can also send your dwellers into the Wasteland to explore. Simply tap on the dweller you want to send out and drag them to the outside of the Vault (on the Wasteland), give them a weapon, some Stimpaks, and some Radaway, and then send them off. 

Your dweller will come back with a range of loot (including Junk), and the longer you leave them exploring, the rarer the loot they find will be. 


Lastly, you can find Junk by scrapping any weapons and armor you don’t want anymore. All you need to do is go into your storage by clicking on the three little boxes in your Pip Boy menu and select the item you want to scrap. 

At the bottom of the item, you will get the caps symbol and a recycle symbol. Click the recycle symbol to scrap the item.

Fallout Shelter Junk uses & rarities

You can use Junk in Fallout Shelter to craft weapons and armor and find it in three rarities: Common, Rare, and Legendary. 

Each Junk item you find will fall under one of the three rarity types: 

  • Common: Alarm Clock, Baseball Glove, Duct Tape, Yarn, Magnifying Glasses, Desk Fan, Toy Car
  • Rare: Camera, Brahmin Hide, Wonderglue, Teddy Bear, Microscope, Shovel, Globe
  • Legendary: Military Circuit Board, Yao Guai Hide, Military Duct Tape, Tri-fold Flag, Chemistry Flask, Giddyup Buttercup, Gold Watch

You can craft weapons and armor in the Weapons Workshop and Outfit Workshop respectively, and here is what you need to build each one: 

  • Weapons Workshop: 22 dwellers and 800 caps 
  • Outfit Workshop: 32 dwellers and 800 caps 

Each room can be upgraded, and have to be upgraded to start crafting rare and legendary weapons and armor. The price will increase significantly for each, and you also need more dwellers to unlock each upgraded room. 

Once you have the rooms, you can assign dwellers to them and start crafting weapons and armor for Junk and caps. Each item will take time to craft; Legendary items can take literal days to complete, while common weapons and armor will take mere minutes. 

How to get the Scraptastic achievement in Fallout Shelter 

You can get the Scraptastic achievement in Fallout Shelter by scrapping 500 items

Since scrapping weapons and armor is a primary way to get Junk back, it’s also how you’ll work toward getting the Scraptastic achievement. 

You just need to make sure you have enough storage space to hold all the Junk items you get back from scrapping your weapons and armor, and once you have scrapped 500 items (weapons and armor count together), you will get the Scraptastic achievement. 

That’s everything to know about Junk in Fallout Shelter! If you want to know more about the game, you can check out our guides below.

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