How to find Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter

Stephanie Zucarelli
The Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter

You’ll find many bizarre characters in Fallout Shelter, but none so intriguing as the Mysterious Stranger that appears inside your Vault, so here’s everything about him.

Fallout Shelter will give you plenty of surprises while you’re working to build your favorite Vault. While you’ll need to fight off many uninvited visitors to survive, the Mysterious Stranger can be of great help if you manage to find him.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter, including the best way you can find him.


Fallout Shelter: How to find the Mysterious Stranger

You can find the Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter following these methods:

  • Follow the music when he appears. If the music is louder, he’s closer to where you’re currently looking. It’s recommended to wear headphones while playing so you can catch him quicker.
  • Choose themes with high contrast and stay away from brownish colors. This way his beige trenchcoat will stand out.
  • Adopt a Toyger, the tiger-stripped cat that increases in 2.5 the chances of the Mysterious Stranger appearing.
  • Make a screenshot as soon as you hear his music. You can quickly zoom out from your Vault and take a screenshot. Then you can minimize Fallout Shelter and have unlimited time to find him before getting back to the game.

Fallout Shelter: Where does the Mysterious Stranger appear

The Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter appears in random Vault rooms or elevators, but he won’t appear in any room that is not powered. Keep in mind that he’ll spawn in intervals of at least 10 minutes, so keep an eye out for him.

Fallout Shelter: Who is the Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Stranger, a staple of the Fallout franchise, has appeared throughout the series to aid the main character. In Fallout Shelter, he wears a beige trench coat, brown pants, and a hat.

He won’t help players in raids or battles, and he’ll appear in the Vault regardless if it’s experiencing an incident. After being found and selected, he’ll disappear and award the Vault a random amount of caps.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter.  For more information about recent and upcoming releases, you can also check the following links:

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