How to get Stimpaks in Fallout Shelter

Stephanie Zucarelli
Stimpak in Fallout Shelter

Stimpaks in Fallour Shelter are essential, and work great to restore your Dwellers to health after defending their Vault or after a Raid. So here’s everything about Stimpaks, including how to get them in Fallout Shelter.

Stimpaks are crucial items to produce while playing Fallout Shelter since they’ll allow you to heal your Dwellers and make them more resilient when they are out exploring the Wastelands. If you want to know how to craft them and store them, here’s everything you need to know.


Fallout Shelter: Stimpaks explained

Stimpaks in Fallout Shelter are items that can regenerate up to 50% of Vault Dwellers’ health. They can be crafted in the Medbay, a production room that unlocks after reaching a Vault population of 14 dwellers.

Additionally, you can also find Stimpaks in Lunchboxes, packs that contain five cards that can give players different items, including outfits, special Dwellers, caps, pets, and more.

Fallout Shelter: How to use Stimpaks in the Wasteland

You can equip your Dwellers with Stimpaks when they are exploring the Wasteland in Fallout Shelter, but there’s no way to make them use them even after they get injured.

While you have no control over Dwellers in the Wasteland, you can equip them with a maximum of 25 Stimpaks. These are great if you’re sending explorers on longer trips, especially if they are assigned to a quest.

Can you increase Stimpak storage in Fallout Shelter?

Yes, you can increase your Stimpak storage in Fallout Shelter by building and upgrading your Medbay. These rooms are dedicated to producing Stimpaks, and increase the Vault’s storage capacity to 35 with their final upgrade.

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