How to get more Caps in Fallout Shelter

Emily Stander
Caps in Fallout Shelter

Caps in Fallout Shelter are the main way you will build your Vault up and upgrade rooms, but it can be a slow process to get enough Caps to do everything you need to. Here are some tips to generate Caps quickly in Fallout Shelter. 

Fallout Shelter gives you lots of ways to earn Caps, but not all of them are obvious when you first start out. Plus, there are a few secret ways you can ensure you are constantly earning Caps to build up your Vault

So, here are some of the best tips to follow if you want to make more Caps in Fallout Shelter. 

How to farm Caps in Fallout Shelter 

You can earn Caps quickly in Fallout Shelter by training your dwellers’ Luck, sending them into the Wasteland, and completing quests

Here are the best ways to farm Caps: 

Send your dwellers into the Wasteland

One of the best ways to make Caps quickly is to send your dwellers into the Wasteland. You can do so by clicking on the dweller you have chosen, and dragging them out of the Vault into the Wasteland. 

The dweller will explore the Wasteland for as long as you leave them out there, and the longer they explore, the more Caps and loot they will find. 

Make sure to send them out with plenty of Stimpaks and Radaway, though, because they can die in the Wasteland if they have no way to heal themselves. It’s also advisable to give them a gun so they can fend off any enemies they run into. 

A Dweller in Fallout Shelter
Sending your dwellers to explore the Wasteland can earn you a lot of Caps.

Complete quests

Another surefire way to make a ton of Caps quickly is to complete quests once you have built an Overseer’s Office. 

When your dwellers are on quests, it’s likely that you’ll go through a lot of rooms with enemies and containers to loot. These containers either have Junk, weapons, and armor to sell, or just straight up give you Caps. Enemies will sometimes drop Caps too, with Raiders being the most likely to drop them. 

So, when you go on quests, make sure to tap on any enemy you have defeated and you will get their loot. Lootable containers have a sparkling effect to let you know that you can get them. And, of course, make sure you go through all the rooms even once you have completed the quest. 

Train your dwellers’ Luck

This takes a little more time than the other ways to make Caps, but it’s worth it. Build Game Rooms in your Vault and stick your dwellers in there to train up their Luck. The higher their luck is, the more likely you are to get Caps from a room that finishes its production cycle. 

Game Room in Fallout Shelter
The Game Room lets you train your dwellers’ Luck.

If your overall highest stat is Luck and you have a Mr Handy auto-collecting, you will even make Caps while you are offline. Overall, this method definitely takes the most time, but it’s the best way to make sure you have a steady stream of income. 

That’s everything to know about farming Caps quickly in Fallout Shelter! If you want to know more about the game, make sure to check out our other guides below.

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