Best weapons in Fallout Shelter

Stephanie Zucarelli
Best weapons in Fallout Shelter

You’ll need to be prepared to face every threat you’ll find in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout Shelter, so here are the best weapons you can use to fight Ghouls, Yao Guais, Deathclaws, and more.

Vault Dwellers are trying to do their best to survive in Fallout Shelter, and as you build their Vault, they’ll be threatened by plenty of enemies. Luckily, they’ll be able to use and craft some interesting weapons.

Here are the best weapons of every type you can get in Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter: Best weapons to craft

There’s a long list of weapons you can find and craft throughout your adventures in Fallout Shelter. Here’s the list of the best weapons of every type based on their Damage, and what materials you’ll need to craft them in the Weapon Workshop.

NameTypeAverage DamageValueLocationsMaterials
Fire Hydrant BatMelee25500*Dwellers
*Weapon Workshop
*Chemistry Flask x3
*Military Duct Tape x3
*Shovel x3
*22,050 Caps
ApotheosisPistol17.5500*Weapon Workshop*Microscope x4
*Gold Watch x2
*Military Circuit Board x2
*19,400 Caps
Virgil’s RifleRifle22.5500*Weapon Workshop*Microscope x4
*Gold Watch x3
*Military Circuit Board x2
*21,000 Caps
Mountain MommaShotgun16.5500*Dwellers
*Weapon Workshop
*Shovel x3
*Gold Watch x2
*Military Duct Tape x2
*18,900 Caps
Dragon’s MawPlasma Thrower25.5500*Weapon Workshop*Chemistry Flask x3
*Globe x3
*Military Circuit Board x3
*22,050 Caps
VengeanceGatling laser23.5500*Dwellers
*Weapon Workshop
*Microscope x5
*Military Circuit Board x3
*Giddyup Buttercup x2
*21,500 Caps
MIRVFat Man24.5500*Lunchboxes
*Weapon Workshop
*Chemistry Flask x3
*Military Duck Tape x3
*Shovel x3
*22,058 Caps

Keep in mind that every weapon on this list is Legendary, which means that you’ll need to find its Legendary Recipe before being able to craft it in the Weapon Workshop.

Fallout Shelter: All types of weapons

Every weapon you’ll find in Fallout Shelter falls into a category, which will give you an idea of the type of projectile they use. Here’s every category you’ll find in Fallout Shelter:

  • Melee weapons
  • Pistols
    • .32 Pistol
    • 10 mm pistol
    • Scoped .44
    • Tranq gun
    • T60 pistol
  • Rifles
    • Assault rifle
    • BB gun
    • Gauss rifle
    • Henrietta
    • Hunting rifle
    • Lever-action rifle
    • Railway rifle
    • Sniper rifle
    • Mare’s Leg
  • Shotguns
    • Combat shotgun
    • Sawed-off shotgun
    • Shotgun
  • Energy weapons
    • Alien blaster
    • Laser pistol
    • Plasma pistol
    • Assaultron head
    • Laser musket
    • Alien disintegrator
    • Laser rifle
    • Plasma rifle
    • Pulse rifle
  • Heavy weapons
    • Fat Man
    • Flamer
    • Gatling laser
    • Minigun
    • Missile launcher
    • Plasma caster

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