Fallout Shelter pregnancy explained: How to make babies & how long it takes

Stephanie Zucarelli
Fallout Shelter pregnancy

If you’re looking to increase the number of Dwellers in your Vault, your safest bet is to start making babies in Fallout Shelter. Here’s everything you need to know about the process of pregnancy and how long it takes.

You’ll need your Vault to strive in Fallout Shelter, and for that, you’ll have to increase your population. Getting Dwellers pregnant is a straightforward process, although some tricks will help you to produce babies faster.

Here’s everything you need to know about pregnancy in Fallout Shelter.


Fallout Shelter: Pregnancy explained

In Fallout Shelter, you can increase your population by getting cards of special Dwellers through Lunchboxes, attracting them with your Radio Station, or getting your Dwellers pregnant.

If you choose to start breeding your Dwellers, you can also combine their original stats. After pairing people with original high SPECIAL stats, you’ll get a chance to get a new child Dweller with those “genes.”

How to make babies in Fallout Shelter

The first thing you need to get a Dweller pregnant in Fallout Shelter is to send a female and male character to the same Living Quarters. After a few minutes, they’ll start talking and dancing. You’ll notice that after they kiss, they’ll “hide” in the room, and the female Dweller will return pregnant.

Here are some tips to make babies fast in Fallout Shelter:

  • Remember that the dating couple must not be related. You can verify this by checking the Dwellers’ last name.
  • Check that both Dwellers’ Charisma stat is high. This will help them with their chemistry.
  • Check the couple from time to time to see if there’s chemistry. If you send two Dwellers to the Living Quarters and they don’t interact much, you can try assigning them a different partner to talk to.
  • Upgrade your Living Quarters. This will add a pairing bonus for the Dwellers that are sent there to reproduce.
  • Use Charisma-boosting outfits. You can use these outfits to boost Dwellers’ Charisma and help them get their conversation going.

How long are women pregnant in Fallout Shelter

After a Dweller becomes pregnant, you’ll need to wait 3 hours for the babies to be born. Keep in mind that pregnant women can’t deal with any incidents since they’ll try to protect themselves and their babies and hide in the Living Quarters.

When the pregnancy period is over, you’ll see a baby icon hovering above your pregnant Dweller. You’ll need to have enough living space to trigger it, and if you do, you’ll simply need to select it for a new child Dweller to spawn.

How long does it take for kids to grow up in Fallout Shelter?

After Vault Dwellers are born and become children, they will turn into adults and be fully operational after three hours have passed.

Remember that all waiting times in Fallout Shelter are real-world hours, and both pregnancy and kids growing up can’t be accelerated using Nuka Cola Quantum.

What’s the max amount of Dwellers that can be pregnant?

You don’t have a limit on how many Dwellers can be pregnant at the same time in Fallout Shelter. However, keep in mind that if you’ve reached your maximum capacity at 200 Dwellers, they won’t give birth until there’s more room available.

Can pregnant Dwellers work & train?

Yes, pregnant Dwellers can keep working in any role in Fallout Shelter. After getting pregnant, you can simply re-assign them to any job.

Just remember that pregnant Dwellers won’t fight against any type of invasion or try to control any incidents since they’ll try to protect their baby by hiding in the Living Quarters until the threat is gone.

And that’s everything you need to know about pregnancy in Fallout Shelter. For more on the game, make sure to check out our other Fallout Shelter guides:

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