Gray Zone Warfare resets explained: When is first wipe?

Nathan Warby
Gray Zone Warfare players in camp

Like other extraction shooters, Gray Zone Warfare will bring regular resets to keep things fair and balanced. Here’s how the reset will affect you and everything we know about when the first wipe will take place.

Gray Zone Warfare is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of 2024, after already making a strong impression with its early access launch. Just like other extraction shooters, players can join multiple factions and even expect regular wipes that will impact their progress and level the playing field.

Here’s everything you need to know about resets in Gray Zone Warfare.

What are resets in Gray Zone Warfare?

Gray Zone Warfare resets are regular progress wipes that knock every player back to square one. Following a wipe, all of your gear will be removed from your inventory and quest progress will be completely undone.

Just like Tarkov, the idea is to ensure that veteran players can’t simply hoard all of the best loot, so introducing a game-wide reset levels the playing field. Not only does it give existing players more reason to get back on the grind, but it also opens the door for new fans to try the game out without being at a disadvantage.

Madfinger Games are yet to fully explain how their resets will work, so there could be some differences between Gray Zone Warfare and Tarkov. However, we won’t know exactly what carries over and what doesn’t until they announce more details.

That being said, the devs have confirmed that any bonuses included in special editions of the game will all be reapplied after each reset. So, you’ll still be entitled to the rewards you’ve paid for, such as additional equipment and extra locker space.

When is next Gray Zone Warfare wipe?

There is no word yet on when the first reset will take place in Gray Zone Warfare, but an in-game notice has revealed they will occur “every few months.”

Although we don’t have an exact date, given that GZW launched in early access on April 30, the first wipe will likely happen somewhere around July 2024. However, we won’t know for sure until there is an official announcement, so it could be earlier or later.

Escape from Tarkov gets wiped every six months, but it appears that Madfinger Games want to refresh their game more often. Resets are the ideal time for the team to roll out any major updates and changes, so we could see them fairly frequently during early access.

That was everything we know about wipes in Gray Zone Warfare so far. We’ll be sure to update this page with official dates and details once we know more.

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