How to reduce tyre degradation in F1 24

Franco Diaz
Verstappen in the F1 24 Miami GP

Managing tyre wear in F1 24 isn’t easy, but following these tips will help your tyres last a few extra laps. Check out how to reduce tyre degradation in F1 24.

F1 24 features every official track on the Formula One calendar. From the fast streets of Jeddah to the classic circuits of Silverstone, Monaco, and Spa-Francorchamps, tire degradation has been a headache for players.

Check out the best ways to manage tyre wear in F1 24 and keep them in top condition.

F1 24 tire degradation explained

In F1 24, tires can wear out due to three factors: a collision, braking lock-up, or most commonly, due to high tire temperatures.

If neither of the first two options occurred, it’s likely that your tires are degrading due to temperature. The ideal temperature for any compound in F1 24 is between 94° and 104° Celsius.

When exceeding 105°, the tire begins to suffer wear with each lap.

Formula Two Sprint Race in F1 24 Australia GP
Check out your tire degradation in the third tab of the MFD while driving in F1 24.

How to reduce tire temperature in F1 24

Maintaining tyre temperature or lowering it is no easy task. To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to lower tire temperature in F1 24.

Smooth driving

The best way to lower tire temperature in F1 24 is through smooth driving. We suggest avoiding all types of aggressive acceleration, braking, and cornering during the race.

It’s worth noting that smooth driving doesn’t mean going slow, but rather making gradual accelerations and braking to avoid any extra friction that could increase tire temperature.

Use best car setups

Using the best car setups in F1 24 will not only help you achieve better performance in the race, getting the fastest laps, but it will also help you extend the lifespan of the tires if you use the correct pressure, suspension, brake settings, and more.

Avoid lock-ups

Lock-ups not only damage tires but also significantly increase their temperature. To avoid this, we suggest practicing in the F1 24 Time Trial mode to learn how to tackle every corner without your tires locking up.

Track conditions & layout

Knowing track conditions and memorizing the layout is also crucial to extending the lifespan of your tires. Memorizing which corners require braking a few meters earlier or accelerating gradually will help you a lot as well as being aware of track conditions.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about how to reduce tyre degradation in F1 24. If you’re looking for a more realistic F1 24 experience, check out the best audio and controller settings, as well as all about VR support in F1 24.