Best F1 24 graphics settings for top performance

Max Candelarezi
F1 24 Haas and McLaren wheel-to-wheel on Imola

F1 games stand out for their graphic quality and the specific data displayed on the screen while driving, so having the best graphics settings in F1 24 is crucial. On that note, here are the best F1 24 graphics settings, including camera, on-screen display, and more.

Just like previous installments, F1 24 allows you to adjust your graphics settings to feel as comfortable as possible while driving at high speeds like an F1 driver.

So, we compiled the best graphics settings for F1 24 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, including camera customization, on-screen display, and more so you don’t miss anything that happens on your screen.

Best settings

Ensuring you have the best settings in F1 24 can determine your performance during the race. Here are the best F1 24 settings for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to gain an advantage over your rivals.

Camera customization settings

F1 24 camera settings
The camera settings will grant you better surroundings and an on-track view.
  • Car-Specific Settings: Disabled
  • Edit Camera Settings: Global
  • Camera: TV Pod Offset
  • Field of View: -6
  • Offset Lateral: -12
  • Offset Horizontal: 10
  • Offset Vertical: 0
  • Angle: -4
  • Near Clip Plane: 20
  • Mirror Angle: 0
  • Camera Shake: 0

On-screen display settings

F1 24 On-screen display settings
Adjusting your on-screen display is critical to see all the important information while racing.
  • On-Screen Display: On
  • OSD Customization (option available inside races)
  • On-Screen Display (Cockpit View): Off
  • Speedometer Units: KPH
  • Temperature Units: Degrees Celsius
  • Track Map: Full Track Map
  • Delta Time: On
  • Proximity Arrows: On (White when the rival car is near you; Red when is next to you)
  • Driver Tags: On
  • Start Lights: On
  • Virtual Rear View Mirror: Off
  • Permanent Session Timer (P/Q): On
  • Always on Display Objective Panel: Off

OSD Customization

To access OSD Customization in F1 24, head to the Grand Prix or Trial Mode within F1 World, and once inside the race, open the Pause Menu, the Settings, and the On-Screen Display section. The second option should be OSD Customization.

Here’s our recommended OSD (On-screen display) Customization for races:

F1 24 OSD Customization settings
An organized On-screen display will help you out during the race avoiding distractions.

Best settings for Xbox & PlayStation

Here are the best settings for F1 24 on PlayStation and Xbox.

Graphics settings

  • Gamma Adjustment: 100
  • Motion Blur Strength: 0
  • Steering Animation: On
  • HDR: Auto
  • Graphics Priority: Quality
  • Chromatic Aberration: Off

Best settings for PC

Here are the best settings for F1 24 on PC.

Graphics settings

  • Gamma Adjustment: 100
  • Motion Blur Strength: 0
  • Steering Animation: On

Video Mode settings

  • Display Adapter: Your Graphics Card
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Can bump it up if your monitor allows it)
  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Aspect Ratio: Auto
  • VSync: Off
  • VSync Interval: 1
  • Refresh Rate: 120hz (Can bump it up if your monitor allows it)
  • Frame Rate Limit: On
  • Maximum FPS: Will vary according to your monitor, the higher the better
  • Output Monitor: 1
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 16x
  • Anti-Aliasing: NVIDIA DLSS
  • Anti-Aliasing Mode: Quality
  • Anti-Aliasing Sharpness: 50
  • Frame Generation: Off
  • Dynamic Resolution: Off
  • Dynamic Resolution Target FPS: Auto
  • Dynamic Resolution Profile: Balanced
  • Dynamic Resolution Minimum Scale: 50

Advanced setup graphics settings

  • Detail Preset: Custom
  • Ray Tracing Quality: High
  • Ray Traced Shadows: On
  • Ray Traced Reflections: On
  • Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion: On
  • Ray Traced Transparent Reflections: On
  • Ray Traced DDGI: On
  • Lighting Quality: High
  • Post Process: High
  • Shadows: Medium
  • Particles: Low
  • Crowd: Low

There you have it, those were the best graphics settings for F1 24 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC allowing you to dive right into all the new gameplay features, including EA Sports’ Dynamic Handling, and enjoy the game like never before.