How to get Diluc in Genshin Impact

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Diluc wearing his new Genshin Impact skin

Diluc is easily one of the best damage dealers in Genshin Impact who’s been dominating the meta for years. Here’s how you can get Diluc and other exciting five-star characters in Genshin Impact.

When Genshin Impact players begin their journey from Mondstadt, Diluc is one of the foremost characters they meet. The Pyro Claymore user displays his damage-dealing skills while fighting the Abyss order, and just like the Traveler and Paimon, the community was left speechless.

Ever since, Diluc has been a fan favorite and the developers even released a new skin for him in the version 2.8 update. If you still haven’t unlocked Diluc, here’s how to get him in Genshin Impact.

Diluc petting a bird in Genshin Impact

How to unlock Diluc in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players can unlock Diluc by wishing on the permanent banner called Wanderlust Invocation.

Follow these steps to wish on the Wanderlust Invocation banner and get Diluc:

  1. Launch Genshin Impact and click on the Wish/star icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. This screen should ideally have three-four banners featuring the latest character event wish and Epitome Invocation banners. The right-most banner is Wanderlust Invocation.
  3. Depending on the amount of Primogems you want to spend, click on Wish x1 or Wish x10.
  4. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll unlock Diluc.

Alongside Diluc, the Wanderlust Invocation banner in Genshin Impact features Jean, Qiqi, Mona, Keqing, and some five-star weapons. There’s a 0.6% chance of a five-star character/weapon dropping with every wish implying that getting Diluc is largely a matter of luck.

The recurring character event-wish banner also features Diluc and depending on your luck, you can get the five-star Claymore user by wishing on it as well.

Do note that wishing on banners is how you can obtain not only Diluc but any other character or weapon in the game. Just make sure that the character/weapon you want is currently featured in the banner.

Diluc with Wolf's Gravestone Claymore

All in all, the best we can do is tell you the banner that has a chance of dropping Diluc. Thereafter, your luck will decide the characters and weapons that join your Genshin Impact party.

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