How to complete Lights Out Challenge in Phasmophobia

Emily Stander
Ghost hunting in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia’s weekly challenges are tough, but they offer great rewards for completing them, so it’s worth giving it a go. There are a few of these challenges in rotation, and one of them is the Lights Out! Challenge.

Here is what you need to do to complete the Lights Out! Challenge, some tips to help you succeed, and what rewards you get for finishing it. 

How to finish Lights Out weekly challenge

To complete the Lights Out! weekly challenge in Phasmophobia, you need to successfully identify the ghost three times while playing on 6 Tanglewood Drive

Once you’re in the lobby, set the difficulty to Challenge Mode, and then select Tanglewood as your location. Finish the game three times while identifying the ghost correctly, and you’ll have completed Lights Out! and get $5000 of in-game money as a reward.


The Lights Out! Challenge in Phasmophobia tasks you with identifying the ghost with no lights on at all and limited equipment.

Breaker and a Firelight in Phasmophobia
It’s not ideal, but the breaker is broken.

You have no torches, and the breaker is broken, but you will have some Tier 1 Firelights to work with. It’s definitely one of the spookier weekly challenges, and here are the rules while playing: 

  • It must be completed at 6 Tanglewood Drive.
  • There is no grace period for setup.
  • Your sanity starts at 100 percent.
  • All screens in the truck are on and working.
  • The fuse box is broken, which means you can’t turn on any lights.
  • The Music Box Cursed Possession is always available to use.
  • You are able to find three pieces of evidence. 
  • If the ghost kills one of your team, the hunt ends. 

Here is a list of the equipment you’ll have for this challenge: 

  • Tier 1: Firelight, Incense, Salt, Crucifix, UV Light, Video Camera, and Sanity Meds. 
  • Tier 2: DOTS Projector, Photo Camera, Thermometer, Writing Book, EMF, and Spirit Box. 

Tips to complete Lights Out

Your sanity is going to suffer in this mode, so you’re going to want to identify the ghost room as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to find it and generally succeed in this mode: 

Learn the map in a different mode

Everything is dark, and there isn’t much you can use to help you see properly. Thankfully, Tanglewood is a small map, so it’s not too difficult to navigate if you know it. 

Try it out in one of the lower difficulties first so you can get a good feel for it. That way, you’ll be able to walk around the house and kind of know where you’re going even if you can’t see.

Scope out hiding places

Baby room crib hiding spot on Tanglewood in Phasmophobia
The crib in the baby room makes for a nice hiding spot.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is find hiding places when you’re inside. Especially if you get an early hunting ghost, you’ll want to know where to run to if you get caught unaware.

Here are all the hiding spots in Tanglewood: 

  • A closet in the entrance corridor
  • Two lockers in the garage.
  • A spot behind some boards at the back of the basement.
  • A closet in the blue room on the left side of the house. 
  • A closet in the corridor next to the baby room
  • Behind the crib in the baby room

You can also use the counter in the kitchen to loop the ghost, and in a pinch, you’re also hidden from the ghost when you crouch behind the counter – just make sure to move away from it if it enters the kitchen.

It’s important to note that not all of these hiding spots will be available during this mode, as some of them will be blocked off.

Find the ghost room quickly

The quickest way to identify the ghost room is to walk around with an EMF reader or the thermometer

The ghost room is always much colder than the rest of the house, and it’ll likely throw stuff around in it – giving you easy readings on the EMF. Once you find the room, place your equipment.

If you’re feeling really brave, then you can also use the Music Box to locate the ghost room. While playing, the ghost will sing along with it and you’ll hear where it’s coming from. The second you drop it, though, a hunt will start – so be sure to find a hiding spot quickly.

Walk around with a Firelight & Camera

Tier 1 camera in Phasmophobia
Walking around with the camera can show you where you’re going.

Firelights are your friend in this mode, especially because they decrease the amount your sanity drains while you’re in the dark. You can also place them in the room you’re in, and it’ll have the same effect. 

Just watch out if you’ve got an Onryo, as they will hunt after they blow out a Firelight three times. 

A camera is also a great way to navigate around the house while you’re walking in the dark. Simply open it and set it to dark mode, and you’ll be able to see clearly through the small screen. 

Know your ghosts & manage your sanity

Firelights and Tier 2 DOTS in Phasmophobia
Firelights help manage your sanity in the dark.

Some pieces of evidence can be frustrating to gather, like EMF readings. In these kinds of situations, it gets easy to lose sanity quickly and just get hunted consistently. 

Many ghosts have special abilities that can indicate what you’re dealing with, even when you haven’t found all the pieces of evidence. For example, a Shade will never hunt or do a ghost event while you’re in the ghost room, and a Revenant will speed up significantly when it sees you, but be very slow otherwise. 

You also need to manage your sanity to make sure that you don’t get hunted all the time. Carry around Firelights and use Sanity Medication to abate the worst of it, but you can also place a video camera and chill in the van to look out for DOTS and Ghost Orbs.

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