All Phasmophobia Cursed Possession locations on Point Hope

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Cursed Possession collection in Phasmophobia

Point Hope Lighthouse is a small map added in Phasmophobia’s Eventide update, which means there are new spots for every Cursed Possession in the game. 

They always spawn in the same place on every map, so knowing where they are means you can quickly identify which one you have in your game. Here’s where to find them all on Point Hope. 

Where to find Cursed Objects on Point Hope

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards on Point Hope in Phasmophobia
The Tarot Cards are on the first floor.

You can find the Tarot Cards on a small wooden table to the right of the Living Room on the first floor

When you head inside, make an immediate right into the Living Room that has the lighthouse tent in it. The Tarot Cards should be on a small end table between two chairs on the right side of the room. 

Haunted Mirror

Point Hope in Phasmophobia Haunted Mirror location
This Mirror will show you where the ghost is hiding.

The Haunted Mirror is on the third floor, leaning against a counter on the far side of the room. 

Go up the staircase until you reach the room with all the wine bottles, and the Haunted Mirror can be found leaning against a cupboard on the far side of the room. 

Ouija Board

Ouija Board on Point Hope in Phasmophobia
Hidden in the game room, the Ouija Board will answer your questions.

The Ouija Board can be found on the fourth floor in the game room, on a shelf underneath the main looping spot. 

You won’t be able to see the Ouija Board when you first go into the room, but if you look at the shelves in the middle of the room, just next to the Pool Table, you’ll be able to spot it. 

Summoning Circle

Point Hope in Phasmophobia Summoning Circle
The Summoning Circle is in the bathroom.

You can find the Summoning Circle on the floor in the bathroom on the fifth floor

The higher you go up in Point Hope, you’ll start finding more rooms that have doors you need to enter through. The Summoning Circle is in the bathroom here, you’ll be able to see it as you open the door. 

Music Box

Music Box on Point Hope in Phasmophobia
The Music Box is on the dresser just to the right of the master bedroom.

You can spot the Music Box on a dresser in the master bedroom on the sixth floor

This is another room where you need to open another door to go inside, but it’s the only room on the second floor so you won’t struggle to find it. The Music Box is on a dresser immediately to your right when you enter the bedroom. 

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll on Point Hope in Phasmophobia
The Voodoo Doll is in the children’s bedroom, which feels apt.

You can find the Voodoo Doll on the seventh floor on a dresser in the children’s bedroom

When you get to the seventh floor, open the door that leads to the children’s bedroom and look for the Voodoo Doll at the back of the room. He should be sitting on a dresser, a little slumped over. 

Monkey Paw

Monkey Paw on Point Hope in Phasmophobia
The Monkey Paw will help you out if you want to do some woodwork on the eighth floor.

On the eighth floor, the Monkey Paw is sitting on a table just as you come up the stairs. 

The eighth floor of Point Hope is a kind of workshop, so there are quite a few odds and ends lying around. The Monkey Paw is on the edge of a table that you can immediately see as you enter this room.

What do Cursed Possessions do?

Cursed Possessions are powerful objects in Phasmophobia that help you find, see, or protect yourself from the ghost.

Usually, only one Cursed Possession will spawn into a contract, unless you’re playing on Insanity. They each have a different purpose, like you can ask the Monkey Paw for Sanity, or you can look into the Haunted Mirror to see where the Ghost Room is.

Cursed Object mechanics

  • Haunted Mirror – Shows you where the Ghost Room is. Beware, though, because it will break and start a hunt if you look into it for too long.
  • Summoning Circle – Light the candles to summon the ghost, and a hunt will start a few seconds after it appears.
  • Voodoo Doll – Each pin will cause a ghost interaction or event, and a hunt will start if the pin in the heart is pushed.
  • Music Box – Play it and the ghost will sing along, indicating where it currently is. When it’s done, a hunt will start.
  • Ouija Board – You can ask questions like where the ghost is and how old it is. If you ask too many questions, the Ouija Board will burn up and a hunt will start (the amount of questions you can ask before this happens is random).
  • Tarot Cards – Draw random cards of which each have a special ability:
    • The Tower doubles ghost activity for 20 seconds.
    • The Wheel of Fortune will give you 25% sanity or take away 25% sanity, depending on if it burns green or red respectively.
    • The Fool randomly selects another card to appear as before burning purple and revealing itself. It has no effect.
    • The Devil triggers a ghost event.
    • Death triggers a cursed hunt.
    • The Hermit traps the ghost in its favorite room for one minute.
    • The Sun fully restores your sanity to 100%.
    • The Moon instantly drops your sanity to 0%.
    • The High Priestess will revive a randomly chosen player, or if no one has died, the next player who falls victim to the ghost.
    • The Hanged Man instantly kills the player holding the Tarot Cards
  • Monkey Paw – Has a set of requests or wishes that you can ask it with consequences for each, and you can get 3-5 wishes depending on your difficulty level. You can check out each wish and its effects in the table below.
Monkey Paw WishEffect
I wish to see the ghostTriggers a ghost event at the ghost’s current location.
Consequences: After 5 seconds, the ghost will disappear and begin a cursed hunt while your vision is obscured with a dark fog. Your vision will return to normal once a hunt ends.
I wish for activityDoubles all ghost activity for 2 minutes.
Consequences: The fuse box will break permanently, and the exit door will be locked for 2 minutes
I wish to trap the ghostTeleports the ghost to its favorite and locks all of its doors for 1 minute, and the ghost cannot hunt, roam, or use abilities.
Consequences: All doors of the user’s current room for will lock 1 minute, including the exit door if it’s connected. Once time is up, all doors will unlock and the ghost will start a standard hunt. There is a 25% chance for doors to unlock only after the grace period.
I wish for sanitySets every player to 50% sanity.
Consequences: Passive sanity drain will be multiplied by 1.5 for the remainder of the contract, and the ghost room will be set to a random room.
I wish to be safeUnblocks the nearest blocked hiding spot.
Consequences: The lights in your current room will shatter, and for the rest of the contract the ghost will be able to hear the player who called upon the wish and sense their active electronics at any distance (including from different floors).
I wish to leaveUnlocks all exit doors at any time, including during hunts.
Consequences: Your speed and vision are reduced before slowly returning over 5 seconds.
I wish for lifeRevives a deceased player, with a 50% chance of causing the wisher’s death. This wish cannot be used if no player is dead.
I wish for knowledgeEliminates one incorrect piece of evidence and its associated ghost types from the journal.
Consequences: The ghost then initiates a cursed hunt and your vision is covered in a dark fog, and your hearing is muffled. These effects persist until you die or the end of the contract.
I wish for [weather]Changes to the weather you choose.
Consequences: Temporary blindness while the weather changes and 25% sanity reduction. Wishing for rain has a 50/50 chance of granting either light or heavy rain. This wish cannot be used if you have less than 25% sanity.
I wish for anythingRandomly grants an unused wish from the list above.

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