How to Prestige in Phasmophobia

Emily Stander
Ghost hands in Phasmophobia

Leveling in Phasmophobia lets you unlock all tiers of equipment, but once you have everything, you’ll also have the option to Prestige.

You can Prestige more than once, and every time you do, you’ll lose all of your equipment and you’ll have to start from square one. So, here’s how you can Prestige, how to level up fast, and why you would want to Prestige in Phasmophobia. 

Prestige explained

You can Prestige in Phasmophobia once you reach level 100, and then you can choose to do so by clicking the ‘Prestige’ button in the main menu.

Phasmophobia main menu
You can Prestige by hitting the button under your ID Card.

When you reach Level 100, the guy over the radio will let you know that he has a promotion in store for you. This is your other indication that you can Prestige. You can do this up to 20 times in total.

Once you get the levels and the indication from the radio, you need to head back to the main menu of the game and click the Prestige button underneath your player ID card.

What happens when you Prestige?

When you Prestige in Phasmophobia, you’ll lose all of your equipment and be set back to Level 1 again. You’ll have to unlock all Tier 3 equipment again like you did the first time, and if you so choose, you can Prestige again.

Amateur lobby in Phasmophobia
Prestiging takes away all the equipment you unlocked along the way.

Should you Prestige?

You should Prestige in Phasmophobia if you want to unlock everything the game has to offer. 

It’s important to note, though, that you will lose all of your equipment and be set back to Level 1 when you Prestige. So, if you’re enjoying the highest tiers of equipment in the game, you can hold off for a bit before you decide to reset. 


You get a brand new ID card, a new title, Legacy Badges, and a new Player Icon every time you Prestige in Phasmophobia.

Prestige I ID Card in Phasmophobia
You get new ID Cards and titles when you Prestige.

For the first 10 times you Prestige, you’ll get a new title. You’re assigned the ‘Ghost Huntin’ Intern’ title by default when you start playing, but Prestiging can get you titles like Ghost Huntin’ Detective, Ghost Huntin’ Specialist, and Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner.

You’ll also get a new ID Card every time, up to 20 times. The high-end ID Cards have subtle animations, and your Prestige Level will be represented by a Roman numeral on your Card. 

Legacy Badges are special cosmetics that you can add to your character player, and like ID Cards, they also get more complex the higher level you are.

How to level up fast

You can level up in Phasmophobia by playing games and completing daily and weekly challenges. Here is how to level up fast: 

  • Correctly identify the ghost
  • Find the bone
  • Take 3-star photos
  • Get a perfect investigation
  • Complete the optional objectives
  • Play on higher difficulty levels
  • Play on medium and large maps

Finding the bone, taking 10 3-star photos, and completing all the optional objectives in a game will get you a perfect investigation bonus. This assumes you have correctly identified the ghost as well. 

You will still get some XP if you don’t manage to correctly identify the ghost, but it’s not as much XP. Medium and large locations also give you extra XP when you finish, so it’s worth giving them a try if you want to level up quickly. 

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