Phasmophobia Eventide update patch notes – Point Hope Lighthouse, New ID Cards, more

Emily Stander
Point Hope Lighthouse location in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia got a major content patch with the Eventide update, which includes a new location, some possible changes to equipment, and optimization updates and fixes.

The game’s last major update was the ‘Ascension’ update in August 2023, where players saw big changes to progression, equipment, customization, and more. Since then, there haven’t been many updates of note – until now, with the release of the Eventide update.

Everything added in the Eventide update

The Eventide update in Phasmophobia brings the new location Point Hope Lighthouse, and some major changes to leveling and equipment.

Tier 1 DOTS on Tanglewood in Phasmophobia
The Tier 1 DOTS range has been increased for better coverage.

Originally, Kinetic Games wanted to release Point Hope and changes to the big Ascension update that was released in August 2023 in separate patches, but they’ve decided to release them both in one big update.

Alongside the new map, a ton of equipment has seen changes like an increase to the size of the Tier I DOTS Projector, an increased duration for Firelights, and some big optimization changes for Head Gear.

One of the biggest changes, though, is that you can now carry an Igniter in addition to your three pieces of equipment, effectively making it possible to always have four items in your hand at any given time. We have the full patch notes down below, so be sure to check them out.

What is Point Hope Lighthouse?

Point Hope Lighthouse is a new location that came to Phasmophobia on June 25, 2024, with the Eventide update.

Phasmophobia location board
Point Hope Lighthouse was added in the Eventide update.

The map is slightly different from the other ones, as each room is circular and takes up an entire floor. The rooms are also quite cramped and small, similar to tents in the Campsite locations, so running from the ghost is more challenging than usual. 

The new location has 10 floors and 12 rooms, and it will be unlocked at Level 15. The new map also has some interesting rooms where you can interact with a lot more – like the game room, where you can actually play Chess.

Eventide update patch notes

New location: Point Hope Lighthouse

  • Added to the game
  • Unlocks at Level 15

Player leveling and rewards

  • The required EXP to level from 1-100 has been reduced by around 10%
  • Players can now level up to 9999 for each prestige
  • The required experience needed to level up between 999 and 9999 will increase every level
  • Sunny Meadows Restricted is now categorized as a medium location
  • Increased rewards for correctly identifying the ghost in medium and large locations
    • Medium: from $125 to $150
    • Large: from $150 to $200


  • Tier I’s light range has been increased
  • Tier III’s scanning effect can now be paused by interacting with it while it is rotating


  • Tier I’s needle will no longer flicker near or past the 5 value during events and hunts, to stop confusion with evidence
  • Tier III’s EMF5 reading now plays a unique sound


  • Increased the visible light intensity and range for both Tier I and II
  • Tier I duration increased from 3 mins to 5 mins
  • Tier II duration increased from 5 mins to 10 mins
  • Firelights and Igniters will now be extinguished accurately in heavy rain. For example, they will no longer be extinguished under house porches and inside small tents

Head Gear

  • A customizable keybinding has been added to the Controls page for turning on and off Head Gear
  • Turning Head Gear I on and off will now play different sounds to help know which state the equipment is in
  • While within range of a ghost event or hunting ghost:
    • Tier III will now have visual interference
    • All Tiers will now play a new sound

Parabolic Microphone

  • Tier I’s red light will now flicker when a sound is detected
  • Tier III can now receive sounds 1 floor above or below the player using it, with new UI to show which floor the sound is coming from
  • You now have to hold Parabolic Microphones to turn them on or off


  • Holding down the USE button while holding a Thermometer II or III will now continuously update, instead of having to restart after each reading
  • Tier I now has randomization to make it consistent with the other Tiers
  • Tier III Hold time has been reduced to 2.5s from 3s
  • Tier III randomization has been reduced to make it more accurate

Tripods and Video Cameras

  • Ghosts will now throw Video Cameras more consistently
  • Tripod I knockdown chance increased from 20%, to 30%
  • Tripod II knockdown chance increased from 10%, to 20%

Sanity Medication

  • Tier I restoration time has decreased to 20s, from 30s
  • Tier II restoration time has decreased to 10s, from 20s
  • Tier III will now instantly refill your sprint endurance in addition to keeping it full for 10s

Sound Sensors

  • Mute buttons have been added to each Sound sensor’s Truck UI

Spirit Box

  • Small environment lights such as lamps must now also be turned off to receive a response
  • You now must hold the Spirit box to use it with text-based voice recognition

UV Lights

  • Tier I and II have been swapped for better progression during levelling


A lot of changes have been made for optimization, but the following have received the biggest adjustments:

  • Photo and video cameras
  • Shadows
  • The weather and sky effects
  • UI
  • Physics
  • Audio
  • Reflections
  • Textures and shaders are now streamed to the GPU to significantly reduce VRAM and RAM usage
  • Tent door’s cloth system has been completely overhauled to increase performance


  • Lowered the temperature of Training to make the Freezing Temperatures section much faster to progress
  • Reduced the amount of equipment to 1 in each room
  • You now have to get EMF 5 to get past the EMF room
  • Props will now get thrown more frequently in the EMF room
  • Replaced the glowstick with the UV torch (as per the Tier changes above)
  • In the Ghost Orb section, players will now need to be more accurate with the video camera to avoid accidentally completing the objective without seeing the Ghost Orb

New additions

  • New ID Card badges can now be unlocked:
    • Lighthouse Keeper: Correctly identify the ghost on Point Hope 50 times with a reward multiplier above 0x
    • Apocalypse bronze: Correctly identify the ghost, take a ghost photo and complete all objectives on Sunny Meadows with a difficulty multiplier of 6 or higher
    • Apocalypse silver: Correctly identify the ghost, take a ghost photo and complete all objectives on Sunny Meadows with a difficulty multiplier of 10 or higher
    • Apocalypse gold: Correctly identify the ghost, take a ghost photo and complete all objectives on Sunny Meadows with a difficulty multiplier of 15

Note: If you have already completed any of the Apocalypse challenges, you will need to complete a single game of any kind to receive your new ID card rewards.

  • Players can now carry an Igniter in addition to 3 other items
    Note: Non-VR players can only carry one Igniter at a time, similar to flashlights
    • Igniters now have their own slot in the VR belt (When placing a tier 1 igniter in this slot, you won’t be able to remove it again, until all matches have been drawn)
  • Unlocking a new reward that is not tied to levelling up will now show a popup on the mission summary screen
  • Ghost Writing Books now play new sounds when closed
  • Added Kate and Catherine to possible ghost first names
  • Ghosts can now leave single fingerprints on all small lamps and TV remotes in all locations

Gameplay changes


  • You can no longer swap inventory slots while taking a photo
  • Removed flashlights from Hide and Seek Extreme as they were disabled from settings
  • “Deja Vu” weekly now has UV T1 instead of T2 to keep it a flashlight
  • Glow in the dark weekly now has T2 instead of T1 to keep it a glowstick
  • Asking the Ouija Board bone location questions will now drain 20% sanity, down from 50%, due to bone rewards not being included in the reward multiplier
  • Lighting the Summoning Circle candle will now instantly end the setup phase


  • Non-Ghost Writing ghosts now close the book after throwing it
  • Ghosts can no longer interact with already knocked-down paintings
  • Shades can no longer blow out fire sources or write in Ghost Writing books if there are any players in the room, to keep their strength consistent
  • Improved the ghost’s ability to interact with closed doors
  • Improved Banshee AI targeting when they stalk a player
  • “I wish to see the ghost” will now limit your vision after the ghost event instead of before, to allow you to see the ghost
  • Increased the sanity drain on one of the ghost events to match other events


  • “Paranormal Paparazzi” and “Hide and Seek: Hide” weekly challenges now take place in Point Hope
  • Drastically improved the Sunrise visuals
  • Turning on several light switches in a room, but not all, will now drain sanity at a reduced rate, instead of the full ‘sanity drain speed’
  • Props that don’t move when hit with another prop will no longer play an additional impact sound
  • Adjusted all weather’s distant fog color for better blending with the horizon
  • Removed Point Hope teasers from all maps and lobby
  • Optimised assets across all maps
  • Lowered resolution for light cookies (flashlight light shapes etc) but increased resolution for sky light shadows
  • Moved the green bowl in Edgefield living room to help with the lamp interaction and new fingerprints
  • The Tanglewood utility room door can now be closed correctly by the ghost
  • Medium tent windows now have correct collision on both sides


  • Adjusted audio effects to help identify if sounds are above or below you
    • Sounds that are one floor above are bass-boosted and muffled
    • Sounds that are one floor below will be more muffled and quiet
    • Sounds that are two floors above you or below will have more extreme effects and volume reduction
  • The heartbeat sound will no longer be altered by reverb or other audio effects
  • Audio levels for the ambient room tone and Ouija Board have been remastered to bring them in line with other sounds
  • Reduced the volume for the writing sound for Ghost Writing Book III


  • Difficulty, Money and Prestige level-up popups have received new images
  • Improved color accuracy of several UI components
  • Increased the width of the scrollbars in the Shop to make it easier for VR players
  • Several ID card titles have been renamed and shortened
  • Changed “Interaction amount” to “Activity level” in custom settings to better reflect what it does



  • Player movement will no longer be affected by held equipment
  • Stamina recovery will correctly now start even if you are still holding down the sprint button but not moving
  • There is no longer a visual glitch when rapidly equipping and unequipping the Head Gear as one of the player models
  • You can now change your sprint mode while in a game, in VR
  • Fixed several areas where VR teleport movement could not teleport to
  • Changing your sprint mode to “hold” from “toggle” on PC, while sprint is toggled on, will no longer keep you sprinting, without pressing the sprint button
  • Removed sprinting FOV increase due to a graphical issue


  • Hanging Paintings thrown by the ghost will no longer fall through the floor
  • The ghost and bone can no longer get stuck in several locations
  • Yurei can now use their ability on doors that are open at the start of the game
  • Demon and Banshee attempting to use their ability, but failing, will no longer add to the “abilities used” stat
  • Ghosts will no longer keep throwing the same object over and over, and will instead choose more varied items within it’s interaction range
  • “Hide and seek extreme” now correctly has 3 evidence instead of only 2
  • Ghost event player detection will no longer include dead players if they didn’t move after dying


  • Motion Sensor II and III detection sounds can now be heard consistently
  • Parabolic Microphone II now displays the correct volume values
  • You can no longer get readings on the Parabolic microphone when in the truck
  • DOTS I and UV Light II’s light will no longer stop emitting when placed in some areas
  • Changing the Sound Sensor size in the truck now only changes the area of effect UI instead of the equipment UI
  • The Parabolic microphone will no longer pick up sounds when in the truck
  • EMF reader I will now point the needle closer to the EMF value, instead of including the EMF values above and below it.
  • You can no longer take multiple photos of the same EMF interaction by using your inventory to refresh the EMF spot
  • Head Gear II will no longer be detected by the ghost when on if flashlights are disabled in custom settings
  • An active Parabolic Microphone will no longer muffle your audio when picked up, while holding another item
  • All Sound Sensor Tiers and Firelight Tier II are now more stable when placed in VR
  • You can no longer light other people’s Incense by physically moving a fire source into it
  • VR players can now consistently place a Video Camera on a Tripod that is still attached to the Truck wall
  • The Ouija board will no longer break when saying goodbye with 0 sanity
  • Crucifix III will now be fully used for all players after it prevents a Cursed Hunt
  • Extinguished matches will no longer light other objects
  • You no longer need to swap hands between each Tarot Card draw in VR
  • Grabbing/swapping props or equipment in VR will no longer set the wrong hand position and rotation
  • Igniters can no longer be used if another player fully used up the fuel
  • Tripod III placement highlight is now visible when first placed
  • UI for text voice recognition will no longer get stuck if another player grabs the Ouija Board while you are using it
  • All Motion and Sound sensor map icons are now accurately sized on all maps


  • The player and ghost will now correctly be detected when moving between different rooms and floors, this will make evidence gathering much more consistent
  • Sunny Meadows reverb sound effects will no longer turn off while moving around in certain rooms
  • Maple Lodge Cabin window fingerprints will be visible again
  • Removed several locations where the ghost could get out of bounds in Sunny Meadows
  • Removed a spot where the ghost could get stuck behind the generator in Camp Woodwind
  • The camping chair next to the lovers’ bench on Woodwind is no longer white
  • All overhead tarps on Maple Campsite now have rain sounds
  • Reduced visibility of geometry seams where you can see the skybox in Sunny Meadows
  • Keys collected will now have the correct name in the Journal
  • Window rain will no longer make things black when viewed from certain angles
  • All Brownstone High School windows and doors now have the correct fingerprint material
  • You can no longer place equipment in the gap under the cabin
  • Lights will no longer turn on if you turn them off during a flicker
  • Added skybox blockers to multiple areas to stop tiny gaps in geometry that show the sky:
    • Tanglewood
    • Edgefield
    • Ridgeview
    • Willow


  • Impact sounds will no longer play multiple times at once


  • Skipping the animation when you level up more than once will no longer skip the previous levels’ unlock popups
  • Challenge map names will now be correct
  • You can no longer complete the ghost photo objective when there is no space for photos in the journal

Known Issues

  • Deogen pathing can be inconsistent during hunts on Point Hope
  • Small items can occasionally fall through walls and floors in Point Hope
  • Interactions can sometimes repeat multiple times
  • MSAA will cause visual artifacts while dead

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