How to complete Alone in the Dark quest in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

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Alone in the Dark is one of the more important questlines in Destiny 2’s The Final Shape, as you need to do it multiple times to unlock various rewards. So, here is how to complete it and what rewards you can get from doing it.

The Final Shape introduced a ton of new content, collectables, and missions to find in the Pale Heart in Destiny 2. One of the more important new quests is Alone in the Dark, which you will have to complete a few times to get everything that you can out of it. 

So, here is everything you need to know about completing Alone in the Dark and all its rewards in Destiny 2.

How to unlock Alone in the Dark Destiny 2 The Final Shape

To unlock and start Alone in the Dark in Destiny 2, you need to speak with Micah-10 after you have completed the campaign

After you have finished the campaign and the follow-up quest, head to Micah-10’s Conduit in The Lost City. From here, you will start her quest chain, “The Message.” Once you have completed this questline, you will unlock “Alone in the Dark.” 

Destiny 2: How to complete Alone in the Dark in The Final Shape

You can complete Alone in the Dark in Destiny 2 by finding the injured Ghost, opening Overthrow Chests, and clearing a Cyst.

It’s important to note that Alone in the Dark can be repeated, and each time you will get a different reward. Here is how to do each step:  

Find the injured Ghost

Your first objective will be to find an injured Ghost. The location of it should be marked on your map, and it’ll most likely be in a Lost Sector. 

Once you have made your way to the marker, look for a bright orange glow – this is the Ghost you are looking for.

Injured Ghost in Alone in the Dark questline Destiny 2
The Ghost will have a glowing orange hue.

Open Overthrow Chests

Next, you’ll need to farm the Overthrow Activity and open Overthrow Chests. Each encounter you complete will spawn a chest you can open, and the higher tier the encounter is, the more progress you’ll make: 

  • Tier 1: 15% per chest
  • Tier 2: 30% per chest
  • Tier 3: 45% per chest

To complete an Overthrow encounter, you need to clear activities in the event area. This means killing enemies, opening chests, and doing whatever else you can to grant progress. Once you have fully progressed, a final boss will spawn.

You don’t have to kill the final boss in the Overthrow Activity, but you just need to make sure you make enough progress and open enough chests to fill up your quest step.  

Clear the Cyst

Once you have opened enough Overthrow Chests, a new waypoint will become available on your map. Follow this waypoint to find a bird created out of Pure Light. All you need to do for now is follow the bird. If you get lost, a marker will appear at its location after a few seconds. 

Alone in the Dark Vision of Light in Destiny 2
You’ll need to find a bird made of light and follow it to the cave.

The bird will take you to a cave that is blocked off by Hive Runes. To open it, look around the area you’re in for Hive Runes you can shoot. They must be shot in the same order that the Runes on the lock are in.

Once this is complete, head inside the cave and clear it of enemies. Each iteration of Alone in the Dark will take you to a different cave with a different challenge:

Sword DanceThe RefractionDefeat three Hive Guardians using a Hive sword.
Searing LightThe SeclusionBreak three crystals while avoiding the Watcher’s heat gaze, then beat the Awoken Hive Knight.
Aerial AceThe TransgressionDestroy the Taken Blights and defeat the Taken Wizard without touching the lava.
Moth-Infested CavernThe LandingClear out the cavern of Lucent Moths and defeat two Hive Guardians.
SlayerThe BloomingKill the Hive Guardians, then use the orbs to bring down the Ogre’s shield.
Smothering KindnessThe ImpasseDestroy the Taken Blights without jump or sprint, then defeat the boss.

Return to Micah-10

Once you have cleared the Cyst, you can return to Micah-10 with the restored Ghost. Speak to her, and you’ll have completed the quest. 

Alone in The Dark quest rewards in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

You get a different weapon from the Pale Heart loot pool each time you complete Alone in the Dark in Destiny 2, and a boost to Ghost Reputation.

Importantly, though, this quest is also the location for many of the Lost Encryption Bits you need to find to unlock the Legendary Khvostov Auto Rifle. They’re primarily found in the Cyst Caves, where you will also find Vestiges of Light to unlock Memories of Light, and subsequently Prismatic Fragments.

Once you’ve exhausted the Alone in the Dark quests, also make sure to check out how you can unlock the Ergo Sum and Still Hunt Exotics and how you can enhance your weapons.

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