How to get Mark of the Survivor camo in MW3 Zombies

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Mark of the Survivor camo

Season 4 Reloaded brings a new MW3 Zombies Easter egg to complete with the introduction of the Unstable Rift, offering players the animated Mark of the Survivor camo.

While completing all five waves of the Unstable Rift can pose a significant challenge, following this guide should make the task easier. Here’s all you need to know about the Easter egg.

How to complete Unstable Rift Easter egg

Before kicking off the step-by-step guide on the Dark Aether Unstable Rift, you’ll need to fulfill a few loadout requirements. This includes equipping the Brain Rot, Cyro Freeze, Dead Wire, and Napalm Burst Ammo Mods to facilitate some of the Easter egg’s steps.

Additionally, adding the RGL-80 Launcher or Crossbow to the loadout will also prove to be essential.

Follow the steps below to complete the Unstable Rift:

  1. Upon entering a match, you’ll be looking for four Obelisk Alters, which are scattered throughout the map (see image below).
  2. Once you find one, you’ll be required to activate it while having the ammo mod that matches the icon sculpted in the Obelisk Alter equipped (see image below).
  3. Interact with each Obelisk Alter using the different Ammo Mods and kill Zombies around the circle that appears upon activating it.
  4. Once all the Obelisk Alters are activated, the Unstable Rift will open and you’ll be able to enter it. This is usually located within Tier 3 zones. When the task is complete, any player in the match can steal it from you and enter the Unstable Rift.
  5. When you enter, you’ll get all the Zombies Perks, the Mags of Holding Schematic, a Golden Armor, and maxed Pack-A-Punched for both your weapons. However, Tombstone is disabled, meaning that if you die you’ll lose everything.
  6. All you need to do is survive the five Zombies waves and complete all the Phases. You’ll know when a Phase is complete when an HVT (high-value target) boss appears. Each complete Phase will grant you several rewards, including Killstreaks, and Equipment, among other content.
  7. Once you defeat all the bosses you will receive the Mark of the Survivor camo and reduced insured weapons and schematics cooldowns rewards.
  8. You can exit the Unstable Rift using the red Portal. Keep in mind that doing so will automatically exfil you, concluding the match.
MW3 Zombies Obelisk Alters locations and ammo mods icons
Here are the Zombies Obelisk Alters locations and ammo mods icons you can find.

How to unlock Mark of the Survivor camo

To unlock the Mark of the Survivor camo, you’ll need to complete all five waves and Phases of Zombies within the Unstable Rift, along with killing Gyanxi, the Elite Disciple HVT final boss.

Aside from picking the correct loadout, Schematics, and Ammo Mods, be sure to have the best settings equipped, including controller, audio, and FOV. This will allow you to keep track of any zombie threat within the mid-season task.