How to complete Point Hope Easter egg puzzle in Phasmophobia

Emily Stander
Point Hope shell pictures in Phasmophobia

The Eventide update brought a ton of optimization changes and a new map to Phasmophobia, but there’s also a brand new Ferryman of the Drowned puzzle you can solve on Point Hope Lighthouse for some cool cosmetics.

Point Hope Lighthouse has a ton of little Easter Eggs to find, like the ‘Six Fingers’ bottle of whiskey, but the Ferryman of the Drowned puzzle is one of the more complex ones to solve. Once you do, though, you can get a brand new ID Card and title. 

How to solve Ferryman of the Drowned puzzle

Ferryman of the Drowned has to be solved on Point Hope Lighthouse in Phasmophobia, and you have to complete six steps to unlock the reward at the end.

Step 1: Play some pool

The first step is to head to the game room on the fourth floor and look for three pictures hanging on the wall of blue, green, and red-colored shells. They’re the first clue and lead to the first step of the puzzle.

The pool table in Phasmophobia Point Hope Lighthouse
It can be easy to confuse the orange and red balls, so be careful when picking them up.

Find the pool table in this room and then look for the corresponding colored balls. You’re specifically looking for: 

  • The striped green ball
  • The striped blue ball
  • The solid red ball

Throw them in any hole in the pool table in this order – the same order of the pictures on the wall from left to right – and you should hear a clicking sound. 

Look inside the hole in the pool table, toward the back of the room, to find a key. Pick it up and head upstairs for your next step. 

Step 2: Find the gear

The next step to completing the puzzle is to find the gear on the eighth floor. You’ll know you’re in the right room when you see a bunch of workbenches and woodworking projects.

Hidden gear at Point Hope Lighthouse in Phasmophobia
The gear is sitting in the dark so make sure to shine a torch on it to see it properly.

The gear you need can be found on the left side of the workbench where the Monkey Paw usually is. It’s in the dark so make sure you have a torch or headset to spot it. Pick up the gear, and you’re ready for Step 3. 

Step 3: Unlock the box & insert the gear

The box that the key unlocks can be found on the ninth floor, where a bunch of gas canisters, boxes, and other gears are located.

Point Hope lockbox in Phasmophobia
Unlock the box with the key you found and insert the gear.

When you come up the staircase, turn right immediately and look for a large box with a locked door. Unlock the door with the key, and insert the gear in the empty cog. 

Step 4: Ring the bell

Once you’ve inserted the gear, you’ll have time to run downstairs and outside to the front of Point Hope. Look for the bell which is placed right at the end of the walkway you come through from the van.

Point Hope bell in Phasmophobia
Ring the bell three times, but be as quick as you can about it.

Ring the bell three times and you should hear a fire sound cue. This is how you know you’ve successfully completed this step. 

Step 5: Find the cave

Once you’ve rung the bell, run straight to the very top of the Lighthouse. Look down from the ledge and you’ll see a cave lit up by fire (this is what the sound cue was when you rang the bell).

Hidden cave at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
If you look outside from the top of the Lighthouse, you’ll spot the cave.

Now, you’ll see your last clue in this puzzle, some rocks spelling out ‘UV.’ 

Step 6: Use your UV

The last step in the Ferryman of the Drowned puzzle is to shine UV into the Lighthouse light. Get close and shine as long as you need to until the entire light turns purple. 

Point Hope light turned purple in Phasmophobia
Once the light turns purple, the spirits of the drowned start to appear.

Once the color has changed, it’ll shine UV light all around the sky and you’ll see a ton of ghosts floating around the Lighthouse. Once you get this event, you have completed the puzzle and will receive the rewards once the contract has been completed. 


For completing the Ferryman of the Drowned puzzle in Phasmophobia, you’ll get a new ID Card, title, and Player Badge. 

The ID Card and Player Icon have a nautical-spirit theme, while the title you get is “Ferryman of the Drowned.” Unlike the Easter event, it doesn’t look like you get a trophy for this one, but we’ll let you know if that changes at any point.

How to equip ID Cards & Badges

To equip different ID Cards and Player Badges in Phasmophobia, click the edit button above your currently equipped Card.

Singleplayer lobby with Ferryman of the Drowned ID Card in Phasmophobia
You can change your ID Card by clicking on the edit button on the top right.

From here, you’ll be able to choose your ID Card and Badges you want to display. Your title comes with whichever ID Card you equip, so unfortunately you can’t customize that part.

If you’re keen to try out some more challenges in Phasmophobia, be sure to have a look at our guide on the Lights Out! weekly challenge.