How to complete Paranormal Activity in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

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The Final Shape has brought in a ton of new content for Destiny 2 players, including the Paranormal Activity Public Event. So, if you’re looking to understand how it works, here are the answers.


With the release of The Final Shape, Destiny 2 has a ton of new content to offer players. This includes new exotic loot, missions, a raid, and of course, a new Public Event called Paranormal Activity. 

So, if you’re looking for a solution to the new event on the Pale Heart, here is how to complete Paranormal Activity in Destiny 2.

How to solve Paranormal Activity puzzle in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

To solve the Paranormal Activity puzzle in Destiny 2 The Final Shape, follow these steps: 

  1. Locate the current Paranormal Activity event on your map and go there.
  2. Once you arrive, look for the glowing blue orb
  3. Interact with the orb, and two cubes will spawn. 
  4. Find an angle where you can see both cubes clearly
  5. Shoot the blue cube with Light Damage
  6. Shoot the red cube with Darkness Damage.
Paranormal Activity event in Destiny 2
Make sure you can see both cubes before you start shooting.

It’s important to find a place where you can shoot both of the cubes without moving. Also note that you can only interact with these events when they are actively labeled as Paranormal Activity on your map.

You only have a couple of minutes to finish the event, too, as the Aura of Balance buff the glowing blue orb gives you only lasts for two minutes. So, be sure to locate the cubes quickly, and you’ll get two Pale Heart Engrams as a reward at the end of it.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape: All Paranormal Activity Cube locations

There are five possible areas where the Paranormal Activity event can spawn in Destiny 2. Here is where you can find all of the Cubes in each area:

The Transgression

The Cubes can both be found quite easily if you drop down from the structure the commune point (the blue orb) is one and find a small bridge you can stand under.

  • Blue Cube: Under the structure to the right.
  • Red Cube: Under the structure to the left.

The Blooming

In The Blooming Paranormal Activity event, you’ll need to climb up the ledge above the commune point and follow the path.

  • Blue Cube: On the path above right in front of you.
  • Red Cube: Move closer to the Blue Cube and find it behind a rock formation on the path above you.

The Impasse

For this area, you need to jump on the Red Cube and then climb to the top of a grey statue.

  • Blue Cube: Under the ledge of a building in the distance when you’re standing on the statue.
  • Red Cube: Spawns directly to the left/right of the commune point depending on where you’re facing.

The Lost City

In this area, climb on the building with a small statue on it near to the commune point.

  • Blue Cube: Above the overgrown ledge. You may need to jump a bit to see it initially.
  • Red Cube: On the cliff wall to your right.

The Lost City Outskirts

In The Lost City Outskirts, you’ll need to find an iron gate on the left of the commune point.

  • Blue Cube: Can be seen through the iron gate.
  • Red Cube: Turn around and you should see it underneath a tree.

If you want to know more about what The Final Shape has brought to the game, be sure to check out where to find all Prismatic Fragments and how you can get the No Hesitation Auto Rifle. Otherwise, be sure to know the best builds for your character and how to unlock the new subclass.

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