Hypercharge: Unboxed – All bosses & how to beat them

Stephanie Zucarelli
The Demolisher in Hypercharge Unboxed

Dealing with evil toy bosses can be overwhelming, so here are some tips on how to beat all of them in Hypercharge: Unboxed.

Hypercharge: Unboxed will challenge you to survive wave after wave of toys that want to destroy your Hypercores. During each level, you are going to have to eliminate evil bosses, which can be tricky to defeat if you don’t have a strategy.

If you’re wondering how to beat Hypercharge: Unboxed bosses, here’s everything you need to know about them.

All bosses in Hypercharge: Unboxed & how to beat them


  • Map: Funderdome

The Toy-Rex is a large enemy that will charge toward you as soon as it enters the arena. While trying to kill it can be a slow process, you can always focus on shooting its battery compartment that is on its back to deplete its health quicker.

Toy Rex in Hypercharge Unboxed
Although the Toy Rex is huge, it is one of the fastest bosses.

You should definitely shoot it from a distance in a way that you can easily aim at its battery packs. If you’re playing with friends you can go for a Sniper or a Pulse cannon. If you’re playing as a single player, it will be better for you to stick to a Minigun.

Cyber- Rex

  • Map: Funderdome

The Cyber-Rex is the upgraded version of the T-Rex, and you’ll need to first break its shield to be able to deal some damage. It’s not only as massive as the first toy dinosaur, but it also has two laser guns on its sides and a rocket launcher on the top that will deal massive damage even if you are far away.

Cyber-Rex in Hypercharge Unboxed
Try to quickly break Cyber-Rex armor so you can deal direct damage to it.

Focus on one part of its body armor, and it will fall off after receiving a certain amount of damage. Using heavy shooting guns will work perfectly against it, so we recommend you use the Ice Blaster or Pulse Cannon to deal with this boss.


  • Map: Garden of Evil

The Dambuster is a Missile Truck that once activated, will begin its launch sequence. You’ll notice that a tracking beacon is deployed from the sky, which will try to make its way right to your Hypercore. This will help the truck to aim every missile towards it.

The beacon from the Dambsuter of Hypercharge Unboxed
You can carry the beacon by simply lifting it, but you’ll have limited time to throw it.

To beat the Dambuster, you’ll need to catch the beacon and throw it against the Dambuster so its missiles collide against it.

Mothership & Queen Alien

  • Map: Fort Jeep

The Mothership is a huge spaceship that will float around the arena and try to focus directly on your Hypercores. It can be difficult to catch since it will change places every few seconds. After having depleted its energy, the Queen Alien will be ejected from the ship.

The Mothership in Hypercharge Unboxed
You can gain advantage of the Mothership if you find a place to shoot from above.

Destroying the Mothership can be a little bit tricky since it’s quite sturdy, so equip the Grenade Launcher to effectively break it down. The Queen Alien is very squishy, so you can equip a high-speed AR to quickly wear down her energy.

L.E.D Blimp

  • Map: Adventure Dunes

The L.E.D Blimp is a giant blimp that will circle the sky dropping multiple enemies and bombs. Luckily, it’s a small moving target, but it will blast through everything with its heavy damage weapons.

L.E.D Blimp in Hypercharge: Unboxed
You’ll quickly see the L.E.D Blimp when it starts hovering above you.

The best way to beat the L.E.D Blimp is to get under cover and deal with the blimp before facing other enemies. Choosing a Machine Gun will work great against enemies, but you’ll want to stick to the Pulse Cannon to down the Blimp.


  • Maps: All except Funderdom and Airhockey shuffle.

The Demolisher is an extremely durable robot that will focus on destroying all your Hypercores. Its official description says that its head is the only vulnerable part of the robot, but that it’s covered by a shield that’s only raised to fire a laser cannon.

The Demolisher in Hypercharge Unboxed
The Demolisher will try to directly charge against your cores.

The best way to beat the Demolisher is to focus on its head, so you should pick a high-accuracy weapon such as the Sniper, Ice Blaster, or Pulse Cannon to eliminate him.


Map: No. 2, Big Trouble in Little Hallway, and Operation Alley

The Brobot is one of the fastest bosses in Hypercharge: Unboxed that won’t doubt to quickly rush their enemies and start a melee fight. It is also equipped with an arm cannon which you’ll better steer away from.

Brobot in Hypercharge: Unboxed
You’ll have to go against two Brobots depending on the map you are playing.

Since the Brobot has high mobility, you’ll need to attack from heights with weapons such as the Minigun or Laser gun. These will allow you to quickly change position without having to stop shooting.

Cargo Plane

  • Map: Toy Palace and Garden of Devil

The Cargo Plane is a slow-paced aerial boss that’s heavily armored. This aircraft is designed for troop transport, and it will drop Army Men onto the battlefield as it crosses the arena.

Cargo Plane in Hypercharge Unboxed
The Cargo Plane is one of the first bosses to be introduced in Hypercharge: Unboxed.

Since this boss will only stay high above, it can become difficult to reach. Try climbing to a high level and shooting it with a Laser gun as it passes by.

Major Evil

  • Map: Rental Lair

Major Evil is the main antagonist of Hypercharge: Unboxed, who can jump great distances, shoot rockets, and run towards you to deal a deadly melee combo.

Major Evil in Hypercharge Unboxed
There’s not much that can really stop Major Evil.

The best way to deal with Major Evil is to maintain high mobility and don’t lose sight of him. Getting a Laser gun or a Machine Gun will work great even if you can’t deal high damage, since it will help you move around and reposition if Major Evil charges at you.

And that’s everything about Hypercharge: Unboxed bosses. If you want to know more about Digital Cybercherries’ FPS, you can check our review of its latest Xbox version, or how to earn all medals during your adventure.