How to get OST Chips in Armored Core 6: All available upgrades

Aakash Regmi
A mech showdown in Armored Core 6

The battles in Armored Core 6 are half-won in your garage, where you’ll spend countless hours tinkering with your mech. Upgrades here will require materials like OST chips, so here’s everything you need to know about OST chips in Armored Core 6. 

Unlike most FromSoftware games, toppling a foe in Armored Core 6 takes more than just being a combat grunt, as customization has always been the core of the mech series. Even though you can crack metal skulls wide open with mechanics like stagger, you’ll eventually be torn apart by mean mechs if you refuse to craft new builds. 

Fortunately, you have a lot at your disposal to build in Armored Core 6 and can swap a lot of parts, like the head or core, and you can even buy yourself a new pair of powerful legs. You will need them if you’re to survive the game’s grueling campaign.

One such important resource is OST Chips. So, here’s all you need to know about OST chips in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

What are OST Chips in Armored Core 6?

OST Chips are essentially a form of currency that’ll let you tune your mech in Armored Core 6 with new abilities, more damage, or armor. They can be used in the OS tuning section of your Garage and it will cost upwards of one OST Chip per upgrade.

All of the new abilities will unlock new gameplay mechanics, and will be slotted into the Expansion section on the Assembly menu.

menu image of garage inn Armored Core 6
OST Chips are displayed at the top right corner of the menu.

How to get OST Chips in Armored Core 6

OST Chips in Armored Core 6 can be obtained by simply playing Arena Mode. The Arena Mode is unlocked once you’ve completed a certain number of missions in Chapter 1 itself.

In the Arena Mode, you’ll be pitted against AI enemies in a simulation-like environment; the more mechs you beat the harder it gets.

Armored Core 6 OST Chips: All upgrades

OST Tuning Menu in Armored Core 6
You can further enhance some upgrades using OT tuning.

Here are all the upgrades that you’ll find in the OS Tuning section once you’re past Chapter 1 in Armored Core 6, along with their description:

System Unlock

  • Boost Kick: Unlocks the ability to perform a Boost Kick. Boost Kicks hit with heavy impact by combining the speed of an Assault Boost with the sheer weight of the AC.
  • Weapon Bay: Unlocks the Weapon Bay feature for AC shoulders, allowing up to four hand weapons to be equipped.
  • Weight Control: Unlocks the ability to sortie when AC is overburdened and to manually purge weapons. Purging weapons reduces weight load and improves speed.
  • Manual Aiming: Unlocks the ability to perform manual aiming. Allows for manual reticle control, but practical usage calls for experienced technique.
  • Quick Turn: Unlocks the Quick Turn feature, allowing the AC to perform snap turns to side or rear directions.

Core Expansion

  • Assault Armor: Unlocks Core Expansion: Assault Armor and allows it to be installed. Assault Armor creates a pulse explosion centered on the AC, canceling out incoming enemy fire and creating a damaging area-of-effect shockwave.
  • Pulse Protection: Unlocks Core Expansion: Pulse Protection and allows it to be installed. Pulse Protection creates a pulse barrier in a fixed position, providing cover from enemy fire until the barrier reaches its durability or time limit.
  • Pulse Armor: Unlocks Core Expansion: Pulse Armor and allows it to be installed. Pulse Armor creates a pulse barrier that trails the AC, dramatically increasing defensive performance until it exceeds its durability or time limit.
  • Terminal Armor: Unlocks Core Expansion: Terminal Armor and allows it to be installed. Terminal Armor automatically triggers a pulse barrier when the AC’s AP reaches its limit, greatly enhancing defense until the barrier reaches its durability or time limit.

Attack Control

  • Kinect Weapons – Fire Control Tuning: Optimizes fire control of AC and weapons to enhance all sources of kinetic damage, excluding melee weapons.
  • Explosive Weapons – Fuse Control Tuning: Optimizes fuse control of AC and weapons to enhance all sources of explosive damage, excluding melee weapons.
  • Energy Weapons – Output Control Tuning: Optimizes power output of AC and weapons to enhance all sources of energy damage, excluding melee weapons.
  • Melee Weapons – Drive Control Tuning: Optimizes drive control of AC and weapons to enhance all sources of melee damage.
  • Direct Hit Modifier – Damage Tuning: improves the precision of attacks against staggered enemies, increasing damage dealt by direct hits.
  • Access Speed – Optimization: Improves object access speed by optimizing hacking and override functionality.

Damage Control

  • ACS – Dynamic Deflection Control Tuning: Improves the precision of ACS-based bracing posture control, reducing damage received from enemy attacks.
  • Repair Kits – Optimization: Improves the AC’s ability to scan for damage, boosting the effectiveness of Repair Kits.

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