Best Damage characters in Star Wars: Hunters – Tier list

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Star Wars Hunters gameplay

Star Wars: Hunters features six Damage characters you can pick, so here’s a tier list ranking all of them alongside descriptions to help you choose the best one.

Star Wars: Hunters is finally out on mobile and Nintendo Switch, and creating a great team with different roles is key to victory. Damage characters are essential and easy to master thanks to their straightforward abilities.

Here are all the Damage units in Star Wars: Hunters ranked alongside their abilities and other details.

Star Wars: Hunters Damage tier list

There are currently six Damage characters in Star Wars: Hunters, and here’s our tier list ranking them from best to worst, with S being the strongest category and D being the weakest:

SRieve, Aran Tal
AImara Vex
BUtooni, Diago

Best Damage characters in Star Wars: Hunters

Rieve and Aran Tal are the best Damage characters in Star Wars: Hunters, with Imara Vex following closely thanks to her versatility.

C Tier – J-3DI

J-3DI in Star Wars Hunters
J-3DI’s passive is key to mastering his abilities.

J-3DI’s weapon is a lightsaber, which means you’ll need to get close and personal with your opponents to finish them off. Since the Hunter doesn’t have a big health bar, you’ll need to be careful with your approach not to end up destroyed every time.

J-3DI’s passive allows him to pick up his own pieces to regain health, but in the middle of the chaos of Star Wars: Hunters matches, it can be very tricky. However, having a lightsaber also means you can deflect most projectiles and melee attacks coming your way, which is probably the best part of his kit.

B Tier – Utooni & Diago

Utooni in Star Wars Hunters

Utooni’s strength is their unpredictability, as the Jawa duo can switch between two different weapons to attack their enemies. This can catch some opponents by surprise when combined with their knock-back ability. On the other hand, the Ion Imploder can gather all nearby enemies in one spot for Utooni or other allies to finish them off quickly.

Utooni’s Ultimate is too slow and leaves the pair of characters open to enemy attacks, but the good news is you’ll drop a Sonic Grenade when defeated, thanks to Utooni’s passive ability.

Diago in Star Wars Hunters

Diago is a character that uses a Slugthrower Rifle with a low fire rate that deals tons of damage. He’s designed for more experienced players, as missing shots can leave you exposed in the open.

However, Diago compensates for his low fire rate with a Proximity Mine that can surprise enemies and the ability to reveal nearby enemies for a short period. Combining these two skills can grant you lots of kills and assists.

A Tier – Imara Vex

Imara Vex in Star Wars Hunters
Imara Vex is the standard Damage Hunter.

Imara Vex is the tutorial Hunter, meaning you’ll master her abilities in no time. All her skills are pretty straightforward and are focused on dealing damage to enemies. With a Blaster Rifle in hand, all you need to do is point and shoot to get kills.

Imara Vex can also use a grappling hook to avoid hairy situations and has an arsenal of homing missiles to launch at enemies. What’s more, she can detect enemies with low health thanks to her passive ability, which makes her an all-rounder in Star Wars: Hunters.

S Tier – Rieve & Aran Tal

Rieve in Star Wars Hunters

As a Dark Side Assassin, Rieve also uses a lightsaber to defeat enemies in Star Wars: Hunters. However, she surpasses J-3DI in two key aspects.

First, she has a dash attack that sends her forward to deal damage to enemies. Holding her jump button will also send her forward, dealing damage when she lands. Second, she can also throw her lightsaber to attack. This gives her a lot more mobility and opportunities to escape danger.

Since she can also deflect projectiles and melee attacks, the combination of her speed and damage-dealing capabilities makes her one of the best Damage characters in the game.

Aran Tal in Star Wars Hunters
Aran Tal is the latest character to join the roster.

Aran Tal is pretty similar to Rieve but has ranged weapons, which makes him a safer bet overall. While the Mandalorian vanguard doesn’t have a passive ability, he can use his jetpack to dash away from danger or knock enemies back.

Similar to Rieve, Aran Tal can jump forward and land dealing damage to get close and personal to use either his flamethrower ability or his devastating Ultimate. The latter makes him levitate while dealing tons of dagame, which can catch opponents by surprise.

That’s all you need to know about the best Damage units in Star Wars: Hunters. We’ll make sure to update this guide once more characters are added to the game.

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