Best Support characters in Star Wars: Hunters – Tier list

Emily Stander
Zaina and Skora in Star Wars: Hunters

Support is the smallest class of characters in Star Wars: Hunters, but that doesn’t mean that they all perform the same in matches. Here is the tier list for all Support characters so you know who to choose.

Star Wars: Hunters gives fans a chance to play an arena-shooter with a bunch of new characters, each divided into different classes with different abilities. It’s the latest addition to the Star Wars Universe, and it has three Support characters players can choose from

So, here is the tier list for all the Support characters in Star Wars: Hunters, including which of their abilities makes them strong and which modes are best to use them in. 

Star Wars: Hunters Support tier list

There are only three Supports to choose from in Star Wars: Hunters right now, and here is our tier list ranking them from best to worst:


Best Support in Star Wars: Hunters

The best Support in Star Wars: Hunters is Skora, with Zaina just behind in second place. However, each Support character is useful in the right circumstances, so here’s a breakdown of each one:


Sprocket in Star Wars: Hunters
Sprocket’s drones are what make him strong in fights.

Sprocket may initially look like a non-intimidating Mon Calamari at first, so it can be easy to underestimate the power of his drones in battle. 

Sprocket’s strengths lie in controlling enemies and helping his team in battle, especially with Targeting Drone which reveals enemy locations, and Medical Droid which heals his teammates. 

He’s the weakest Support in the game, though, for the same reason. His drones are a little too reliant on enemy and ally positioning, and his Ultimate ability, Ultra Turret, can easily miss if enemies move out of sight of the Targeting Drone. 

Because he relies so much on positioning, he would be a good choice for modes where you need to control points like Dynamic Control, where it’s not necessary to get a lot of kills and teammates can easily retreat to get some healing. 


Zaina in Star Wars: Hunters
Zaina is a great Support for fast-paced situations.

Zaina is a Rebel War Hero with abilities that excel in fast-paced environments in Star Wars: Hunters. She has her own Blaster Pistol that is great for mid to long-range fights, and a Dodge Roll that helps her avoid incoming fire and resets the Pistol’s heat. 

A true combat medic, Zaina’s abilities enable her teammates to get in and out of fights quickly with maximum effect. Bacta Bomb is a great option for when the team is taking too much damage, and her Passive, Combat Medic, also ensures that they will survive. 

Zaina’s main weakness is her versatility, as she is not necessarily as useful in Dynamic Control as she would be in modes like Squad Brawl. Overall, though, she remains a strong Support pick in Star Wars: Hunters. 


Skora in Star Wars: Hunters
Skora’s versatility is what makes him the strongest Support.

The Rodian Skora is the best Support character in Star Wars: Hunters right now, and that’s mainly due to his immense versatility in almost any situation. 

Adrenaline Boost helps him reach teammates faster, which gives him more ability to actually help anyone in a bad situation. This is notably something the other two Supports are missing, as they are more reliant on both enemy and ally positioning. 

His Ultimate, Unstable Cocktail, together with his Dart Gun, gives him a hand up in situations where both teammates and enemies need to be dealt with. Alongside Stim Shot, which gives additional healing to teammates, he can become an unstoppable force in any battle. 

That’s the our tier list for Support characters in Star Wars: Hunters, but if you’re more of a Tank player, be sure to check out our tier list for those as well. Otherwise, be sure you’re familiar with all maps and modes so you can choose the best characters for every situation.

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