All confirmed characters in Zenless Zone Zero

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Zenless Zone Zero characters

Zenless Zone Zero is the next big game from Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail developers, so players can expect a huge cast of characters. Here are all the confirmed characters for HoYoverse’s next game so far.

After the astounding success of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, developer HoYoverse is gearing up to launch a completely new experience for players. Zenless Zone Zero is a new Action RPG with an urban setting that sets it apart from the other HoYoverse games.

As it’s customary with the Chinese studio, ZZZ will bring a whole new universe full of interesting and good-looking characters to unlock.

So, while we wait for the official release date of Zenless Zone Zero, let’s take a look at all the confirmed characters so far.

Zenless Zone Zero: All confirmed characters

HoYoverse have confirmed a total of 16 playable characters for Zenless Zone Zero so far, each with unique designs, abilities, and playstyles. While we haven’t seen much of their gameplay yet, fans are excited about the initial roster.

Belle & Wise

Belle & Wise in Zenless Zone Zero
Players will have to choose between Belle and Wise when starting Zenless Zone Zero.

Belle and Wise are the main characters in Zenless Zone Zero, in a similar way to how the Traveler and the Trailblazer work in Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, respectively. Players will have to choose one of them to carry on the adventure, but they won’t take part in combat. Instead, they’ll act as proxies who guide those looking to enter the mysterious ‘Hollow’ dimensions of the game.


Alexandrina in Zenless Zone Zero
Alexandrina uses dolls in Zenless Zone Zero.

Alexandrina is one of the members of the Victoria Housekeeping Co. faction and is described as a very elegant character. She has a powerful relationship with music, something we can expect to see in her abilities as well. She’s also followed by dolls that will probably play an important role in her playstyle.

Anby Demara

Anby in Zenless Zone Zero
Anby’s past is a mystery at the beginning of Zenless Zone Zero.

Anby is part of the Cunning Hares faction in Zenless Zone Zero, and she specializes in combat in the game. Her past remains a mystery, but her official description hints at years and years of training to achieve mastery in different combat styles.

Anton Ivanov

Anton Ivanov in Zenless Zone Zero
Anton is part of one of the most important factions in the game, but his role is yet to be revealed

Anton is part of the Belobog Heavy Industries faction in the game. While he’s described as a kind-hearted leader always ready to tackle tough jobs, it’s yet unknown what kind of role he’ll play in the game in terms of gameplay.

Ben Bigger

Ben Bigger in Zenless Zone Zero
Ben Bigger can deal a lot of damage with his powerful pillar.

Ben is one of the characters that will set apart ZZZ from other HoYoverse titles. As another member of the Belobog Heavy Industries, he spends most of his time as Head of Finance, but he’s always ready to crush some skulls with his heavy paws and the pillar he uses as his main weapon.

Billy Kid

Billy Kid in Zenless Zone Zero
Billy Kid was already a fan-favorite character long before the game’s release.

Billy is a character that players already met in one of Zenless Zone Zero’s official trailers. He’s a gunslinger cyborg “with a casual and carefree personality.” While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, we expect Billy Kid to specialize in ranged combat. He’s also part of the Cunning Hares faction.

Corin Wickes

Corin Wickes in Zenless Zone Zero
Corin’s unique weapon can deal a lot of damage.

Corin belongs to the Victoria Housekeeping Co. faction, hence the maid outfit she wears. While she doesn’t believe she’s very good at cleaning, she wields a weapon that seems to be a mix between a scythe and a saw, which has players already excited for her playstyle.

Ellen Joe

Ellen Joe in Zenless Zone Zero
This character is specialized in close-range combat in Zenless Zone Zero.

Ellen is another member of the Victoria Housekeeping faction, although she’s not a fan of the job as her co-workers. She’s a fast character and wields a weapon focused on close-range combat, although we can also expect support abilities and other surprises.

Grace Howard

Grace Howard in Zenless Zone Zero
Grace can incorporate powerful grenades into her arsenal.

As another member of the Belobog Heavy Industries, Grace wields a powerful rifle to create interesting combos with varied ranges. She’s a mechanic, always looking to tear things apart to understand how they work inside and outside of battles.

Koleda Belobog

Koleda Belobog in Zenless Zone Zero
Players are eager to know if the Belobog name has any connection with the Honkai universe.

Koleda is the president of Belobog Heavy Industries. She might look cute even with her eyepatch, but she’s described as a character with fierce combat power. She wields a huge hammer that brings an interesting contrast to her childish personality, making her another fan-favorite character.

Von Lycaon

Von Lycaon in Zenless Zone Zero
Von Lycaon is another Support inside the Zenless Zone Zero universe.

This particular character is another member of the Victoria Housekeeping faction, described as the best assistant you can ask for. It seems this faction will specialize in support abilities, as his description states he’s a “solid support for any team.” While Von Lycaon presents himself as sophisticated, his feral instincts also come out in times of need.

Hoshimi Miyabi

Miyabi in Zenless Zone Zero
Hoshimi Miyabi performs smooth combos with her futuristic katana.

Miyabi is the head of the Hollow Special Operations Section 6 faction. She’s the successor of a renowned martial arts family and wields a futuristic katana as her main weapon. She’s in a quest to collect as many swords as she can and she’s joined by a demon-like character whose details remain under wraps.

Nekomiya Mana/Nekomata

Nekomata in Zenless Zone Zero
Nekomata is a mysterious and quite mischievous member of the Cunning Hares.

Nekomiya Mana, better known by her nickname Nekomata, is a mischievous member of the Cunning Hares. She has feline features, like cat ears and two different tails, and seems to be focused on close-range combat.

Nicole Demara

Nicole Demara in Zenless Zone Zero
Nicole is one of the first Zenless Zone Zero characters introduced in trailers.

The last member of the Cunning Hares is Nicole Demara. As the leader of the faction, she took Anby in to show her the ropes of her business. She’s described as exceedingly cunning, and her description anticipates she loves money, but doesn’t know how to manage it properly, leading to huge debt for the entire faction.

Soldier 11

Soldier 11 in Zenless Zone Zero
Soldier 11 is the only member of the OBOLS Squad.

This mysterious character is described as a living weapon that’s always focused on the mission and never backs down. She’s part of the most mysterious faction in the game, known as the OBOLS Squad. Sadly, that’s all we know about her, but players are eager to know more about her in the game.


Soukaku in Zenless Zone Zero
Soukaku’s is an expert part of the Hollow Special Operations Section 6 faction.

Soukaku’s official description anticipates a force to be reckoned with. An expert in combat, she’s also part of the Hollow Special Operations Section 6 faction alongside Miyabi. While there isn’t any information regarding her gameplay, she’s described as a childish character who can never have enough to eat.

And that’s every confirmed Zenless Zone Zero character so far. We’ll make sure to update this article once we have more details on them.

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