Best characters in Star Wars: Hunters – Tier list

Nathan Warby
Star Wars Hunter characters fighting

Star Wars: Hunters features a diverse lineup of characters, so knowing the best one to choose is no easy task. We’ve got you covered with a full tier list breaking down the best characters in Star Wars: Hunters.

Star Wars: Hunters has arrived worldwide on mobile and Nintendo Switch, giving fans around the globe a chance to battle it out in short but fast-paced matches. The first task is to decide which character to choose, but with so many unique Hunters available at launch with varying abilities, figuring out the meta picks can be tough.

Don’t worry though, here’s a tier list showing you the best characters in Star Wars: Hunters.

Star Wars: Hunters tier list

There are 12 different characters in Star Wars: Hunters at launch, but they’re not all made equally. So, here’s a tier list ranking them all from best to worst, with S being the strongest category and D being the weakest.

SSentinel (Tank), Rieve (Damage), Slingshot (Tank), Skora (Support)
AGrozz (Tank), Zaina (Support), Imara Vex (Damage),
BUtooni (Damage), Diago (Damage), Charr (Tank), Sprocket (Support)
CJ-3DI (Damage)

Best Star Wars: Hunters characters


Screenshot of Sentinel from Star Wars Hunters
Sentinel is the best Tank in Star Wars: Hunters.

Sentinel is easily one of the best characters in Star Wars: Hunters, providing everything you could possibly want from a Tank. Not only does his primary weapon deal plenty of damage at long-range, but his rechargeable shield blocks incoming fire to make him a must-have on your team and a menace to play against.

Even if you do manage to close the gap on him, the Tank’s abilities like Suppressing Shot and Barrel Slam knock enemies to the ground to buy him some valuable time. Overall, Sentinal is arguably the most well-rounded Hunter in the game at launch, so don’t be surprised to him dominating lobbies.


Rieve in Star Wars: Hunters

The best characters in Star Wars: Hunters balance attack with defense, and Rieve certainly does that. Wielding the powers of the Sith, she’s capable of whittling down your health bar with a flurry of Lightsaber blows, while blocking incoming attacks to keep herself out of harm’s way.

Ruthless Pursuit also offers an extra dash of mobility into the mix, which can be extremely hard to track on the fiddly mobile controls. Once you’ve mastered the timings of all her skills, Rieve is comfortably the best the Damage class has to offer.


Slingshot in Star Wars: Hunters
Slingshot pilots his own Droideka.

As a rule of thumb, any character with a shield is going to succeed in Star Wars: Hunters, which is why Slingshot is another standout. The Tank’s Unstable Shield soaks up a ton of damage, with the added bonus of exploding after being broken to further impact nearby enemies.

The Rollout passive also sets him apart from other options on this list, as it provides mobility that other Hunters in that class simply can’t match. If you like to command the battlefield and get in other team’s face, Slingshot is the character for you.


Skora in Star Wars: Hunters

Skora is easily one of the best characters in Star Wars: Hunters and is the only representative of the Support class in the S-Tier. This is because she comes with a versatility that few other fighters can contend with, offering crucial healing while still being able to defend herself.

While her Dart Gun and Self-Heal passive are both invaluable, the real star of Skora’s kit is the Unstable Cocktail Ultimate, dropping a healing or damaging pool onto the ground depending on which team you’re on. This can quickly turn the tide of a close fight and rescue a losing situation.

More and more characters are set to be added to Star Wars: Hunter in future updates, as well as buffs and news to the existing lineup. We’ll be sure to update this page as the meta changes to let you know who the new best characters are.

In the meantime, take a look at all the maps and game modes included at launch, and for more on the iconic sci-fi universe, check out the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws.

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