Genshin Impact Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine web event: How to play, Primogems rewards, more

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Genshin Impact is hosting a web event, Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine, and it rewards hundreds of Primogems and other resources. So if you’re wondering how to play it, here are the details. 

Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine is another web event in Genshin Impact, and it is themed after Fontaine, having you power-wash all the different places to keep things tidy and shiny. It is just in time before version 4.3 concludes and we’ll enter version 4.4 which will feature the banner of Xianyun.

Like every other event, Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine has its quirks, and you’ve to play it every day to get new challenges and unlock all rewards, including Primogems. The event ends on January 24, so here are all the details. 

You can adjust the sensitivity from the top bar while washing things in a web event.

How to start Genshin Impact Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine web event

To start the Genshin Impact Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine web event, just head to the official page for the event and log in with your HoYoverse account or UID. If you use your UID, an in-game mail will be sent for verification. 

Alternatively, check your in-game mail, there should be mail about the event, and it’ll link you to a QR code. Scan the code, and you can participate in the event. 

How to play Genshin Impact Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine web event

The Genshin Impact Clean, Mean, Cleaning Machine web event is similar to other past web events. 

There will be stages to your right, a total of six. But most will be locked, and you’ll need Stamina to unlock the stages. To gain Stamina click on the Stamina sign in the top middle of your screen. It’ll show you various challenges that you’ll have to do to get Stamina. 

You can invite your friends through Recall Rewards and get additional Primogems.

The Daily Missions refresh daily, and Challenge Missions are permanent. The challenges often require you to do activities in-game, like “Complete 1 Domain.”

After you’ve enough Stamina you can play the particular stage by spending the required Stamina, and rewards for it will be sent directly to your in-game mail. 

Outside of the usual rewards, you’ll also get Wastewater, which you can exchange in the Cleanup Reputation menu, left on your screen below Archive. If you exchange them, you’ll receive additional Primogems. 

What is Enemy of Note in Genshin Impact?

The Enemy of Note in Genshin Impact includes the weekly boss fights: Dvalin, Andrius, Childe, La Signora, Raiden Shogun, Azhdaha, Wanderer, Apep’s Oasis, and Narwhal. 

Defeating one of them is part of the Challenge Missions for Stamina in Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine web event, other missions are fairly simple, so if you were confused by who the Enemy of Note is, they are weekly bosses. 

Genshin Impact Lean, Mean Cleaning Machine web event rewards

The reward for Genshin Impact Lean, Mean Cleaning Machine web event are as follows:

  • x85 Primogems.
  • ×4 Hero’s Wit.
  • x4 Mystic Enhancement Ore.
  • Additional ×35 Primogems, ×5 Hero’s Wit, and ×4 Mystic Enhancement Ore after reaching a certain Cleanup Reputation.
  • Another additional x80 Primogems if you can invite a friend through Recall Rewards.

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