Football Manager 2024 Mobile: All new features & changes explained

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Football Manager 2024 Mobile developers have explained the arriving changes to this new installment. Check out what the new features introduced in Football Manager 2024 Mobile are all about.

The mobile edition of the new Football Manager 2024 is getting closer to being available for download. As we approach the highly anticipated release date, players are wondering what will be the new features of Football Manager 2024 Mobile.

Fortunately, the Sports Interactive dev team published a detailed list of the changes that will be introduced in FM24 Mobile, such as the best teams to manage, players, and wonderkids.

Here is a complete guide with all the new features in Football Manager 2024 Mobile, including the Pre-Match and Post-Match hub, the enhanced match experience, and more.

All new FM 24 Mobile features explained

Revamped Pre-Match hub

The new pre-match hub in Football Manager 2024 Mobile will provide more useful information about your opponent, whether you’re about to play the Champions League Final or just a weekend match.

Revamped Pre-Match hub in Football Manager 2024 Mobile
Find out a lot of new details in the Football Manager 2024 Mobile revamped pre-match hub

In this revamped hub, players can find valuable information such as the tactics their opponent will use, press reports, head-to-head analysis, details about their own squad, strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, and much more.

Enhanced match experience

The developers have redesigned the in-match hub in Football Manager 2024 Mobile by adding a significant number of options and decisions that can alter the outcome of the match.

This allows you to make substitutions more quickly, for example, when one of your players takes a knock, a message will pop up suggesting substituting them for the best options you have on the bench. You can also send your goalkeeper forward for a late corner, change free-kick takers, and many more options that were previously only available in the pre-match or halftime.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile knock on notification
The redesigned in-match hub will help you to make more determinant decisions during the match.

New Post-Match hub

The new Post-Match hub in Football Manager 2024 will primarily focus on talks with your players and their reactions once the referee blows the final whistle. In addition to being able to view match statistics and highlights, you will have the opportunity to address the team, just as you can in pre-match and halftime meetings.

New Post-Match hub in Football Manager 2024 Mobile
In Football Manager 2024 Mobile you will be able to talk to a player or the entire team after a match.

Reputation titles

In FM24 Mobile, players can earn reputation titles as they progress through the seasons, based on their performance with the teams. If you are a manager who focuses on nurturing young talents, you will quickly earn the Star Maker title.

Sports Interactive have revealed only four Reputation Titles so far that you can obtain during your career as a manager: Star Maker, Hair Dryer, Developer, and Resolute.

Reputation Titles hub in Football Manager 2024 Mobile
Earn all the reputation titles to become the most respected manager in Football Manager 2024 Mobile.

That’s all you need to know about the new Football Manager 2024 Mobile features and changes. Remember that players can explore all these new features in the FM24 Mobile from November 6, 2023.

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