Football Manager 2024 Touch: All new features explained

Franco Diaz
Football Manager 2024 Touch Nintendo Switch

The release date for Football Manager 2024 Touch is approaching, and Nintendo Switch players, as well as Apple Arcade members, are wondering what’s new in this latest edition. Here’s a breakdown with all the details you need to know about the new features coming to Football Manager 2024 Touch.

Sports Interactive are gearing up for the highly anticipated release of Football Manager 2024. Just like in previous editions of the franchise, this new installment will also bring the well-known Console, Mobile, and Touch editions. Players on various platforms can enjoy the new features while becoming one of the most successful managers in the world.

But what’s new in Football Manager 2024 Touch? The development team has unveiled and explained each of the new features for this version that players on Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade members can access. Take a look at the most significant changes that Sports Interactive introduced to FM24 Touch.

All new Football Manager 2024 Touch features

First, it’s worth highlighting that the Football Manager 2024 Touch version will arrive on November 6, 2023. Players who have made progress in Football Manager 2023 Touch can carry it over to the new edition by simply updating the game from the App Store (Apple Arcade) or by logging in for the first time from a Nintendo Switch.

Players celebrating in Football Manager 2024

That said, among the most prominent features in Football Manager 2024 Touch, you will find significant improvements to the Match Engine, Training, Set Pieces, Dynamics, and many more.

Football Manager 2024 Touch: Match Engine & new roles

Just like in the other versions of the game, Football Manager 2024 Touch will feature significant improvements in the Match Engine. This translates into more realistic player movements, ball physics, and lighting than in previous releases.

In addition to these purely visual enhancements, Sports Interactive have added new roles for positions, such as the Full-Back, inspired by the tactics of Manchester City under Guardiola.

The revamped Set Pieces creator in FM24 Touch

Another new feature in Football Manager 2024 Touch is the revamped Set Pieces creator, where managers can create the best offensive and defensive plays to gain an advantage in each match. Check out our guide to the new Set Pieces creator for more info.

Improve your corner plays using the revamped Set Pieces creator in Football Manager 2024 Touch.

FM24 Touch: The new Principles feature

Sports Interactive’s devs introduced the new Principles feature to the Dynamics system. Now, once you choose the team you’ll manage, you’ll need to select three Principles on which your tenure at the club will be based. Some examples of these are Intelligence, Respect, and Teamwork. Your players will react based on these principles to the decisions you make with the starting lineup.

To ensure that your Principles have the desired effect both on and off the pitch, you will need to earn the Buy-In of your players. Buy-In is a new concept introduced to indicate how much your players believe in your vision and management.

The Buy-In level for each player will vary based on their distinct personalities. Not everyone will wholeheartedly embrace your management style, so you may need to persuade some players during your first few months.

New Training tools in Football Manager 2024 Touch

Finally, Football Manager 2024 Touch will bring a much cleaner Training menu with improved graphics to make it easier to understand the team’s weekly training. In this new edition, the developers have added the Attacking, Defending, and Goalkeeping training units, where you can specifically improve the players’ attributes depending on which training unit they are placed in.

Football Manager 2024 Touch Training HUB
Take a look at the new clean Training hub in Football Manager 2024 Touch.

Those were all the new features coming to Football Manager 2024 Touch from November 6. If you’re more of an EA FC 24 fan, check out our guides.

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