FM24 players delighted with “incredible” match engine improvements

Franco Diaz
Football Manager 2024 players celebrating championship

The release of Football Manager 2024 seems to be quite satisfying for Sports Interactive, as players have been celebrating how the new features work. However, none of them were as acclaimed as the improvements to the FM24 match engine.

On November 6, 2023, Sports Interactive opened the doors to the new Football Manager 2024. FM 24 is the 20th installment of the franchise, and fans were eagerly anticipating it because the developers promised a significant number of changes and improvements.

Among these improvements, fans praised the revamped Set Pieces Creator, an improved scouting system, and many other features that enhance the gaming experience. However, none of them stood out as much as the improvements to the match engine.

Many players have already agreed that the new match engine in Football Manager 2024 “is so much better this year.” There are even some who are “surprised” by the final product delivered by Sports Interactive, saying that they “disbelieved some of the new feature posts about FM24.”

A Football Manager 2024 player made a Reddit post highlighting that these “incredible” improvements can be seen primarily in the players correctly interpreting which spaces to occupy and also in the various ways to create goal-scoring opportunities. They mentioned, “In previous games, you’d just see the exact same goals every game.”

Other players also concluded after several hours of gameplay that positional play in Football Manager 2024 is more fluid and that it’s now “much easier” to notice what’s not working and correct it by adapting tactics during the match.

Finally, another reason why Football Manager 2024 players are happy is the fact that the game has just been released, so they expect the developers to continue adding and correcting details through updates.

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