Football Manager 2024: All new features & changes explained

Franco Diaz
Football Manager 2024 coverSports Interactive

Football Manager 2024 is already here, and players can enjoy all of the new features announced by Sports Interactive. However, if you’re not sure what they’re all about, here’s a detailed guide to all the new features that have arrived in Football Manager 2024.

Players from all around the world can now dive into the new Football Manager 2024 and explore all the new features as they embark on their new careers as managers of their favorite teams or take on the challenging task of working with lower-division teams to lead them to the top leagues and achieve success in multiple competitions.

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Sports Interactive officially released Football Manager 2024 on November 6, but many players may not yet know what the new features and changes are that arrived in this new edition of the franchise. Here is a comprehensive guide with all the changes that the developers introduced in FM24.

All FM24 new features & changes

The developers consider Football Manager 2024 to be “the most comprehensive edition to date” with the addition of the Japanese J-League and a plethora of new features that bring even greater realism to Football Manager.

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These upgrades range from the addition of the Financial Fair Play system with its rules and penalties to the ability to carry over the content from Football Manager 2023 and continue your career with the new features of FM24.

Football Manager 2024: Gameplay upgrades

The main change that new managers will undoubtedly notice in Football Manager 2024 is the visual improvements. Sports Interactive has significantly enhanced the graphics compared to FM23. Additionally, they’ve announced that FM24 includes improvements in player behavior and ball physics, resulting in more natural movements and situations in every match.

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Another significant gameplay detail is the addition of new “inverted” roles in the Wing-back and Full-back positions, along with some adjustments to midfield positions like the Advanced Playmaker.

Football Manager 2024 matchdaySports Interactive
Graphic improvements are making a buzz in the Football Manager community.

FM24: The revamped Set pieces creator

The revamped set-pieces creator is already making waves within the FM24 community, as the introduced improvements not only allow players to make more specific decisions in each set piece but also play a fundamental role in becoming a successful way for scoring many goals.

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This is perhaps the most notable improvement according to players during the early access of Football Manager 2024. If you want to turn your team into a goal-scoring machine from corners, here is our guide with the best offensive and defensive tactics.

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Football Manager 2024: AI upgrades

The devs announced that FM24 AI managers will now pay more attention to factors such as Potential Ability when competing for a signing or when choosing who makes the starting lineup in each match.

With these improvements to the AI managers, it is expected that the transfer market will become more competitive, and you may have to make higher offers for players who are in high demand.

However, AI managers were not the only ones to receive improvements. Players also underwent recoding, which means that young prospects have the potential to develop faster than previous editions of the Football Manager franchise.

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FM24: Financial Fair Play upgrades

Finally, among the most significant new features Sports Interactive introduced the Financial Fair Play system with an updated set of rules and sanctions for teams that violate these rules in the transfer markets.

Players will be able to find all the details related to Financial Fair Play in the “Finances” tab of the FM24 hub.

Football Manager 2024 mail hubSports Interactive
Check out all the Financial Fair Play rules in the “Finance” tab or in your FM24 mailbox.

Those were the most significant new features and changes that the devs added to Football Manager 2024. If you’re more than an EA FC 24 fan, take a look at our related guides.

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