Dr Disrespect praises “unique” The Finals as beta begins

Nathan Warby
Dr Disrespect with The Finals artwork

The Finals is a brand-new FPS from ex-Battlefield devs looking to take over the competitive scene. With the first closed beta now underway, popular streamer Dr Disrespect has heaped praise on the game.

The Finals has been generating plenty of hype so far in 2023, thanks to the free-to-play FPS’s unique take on arena multiplayer gameplay. Players compete in a “combat-centered game show,” making use of destructible arenas to gain the upper hand.

After years in development, The Finals closed beta went live on March 7, giving PC players their first chance to experience the ambitious shooter for themselves.

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After watching fellow streamer and FPS expert JackFrags hop in for the first time, Dr Disrespect was full of praise for The Finals, comparing it to plenty of big-name titles.

“It’s almost like Battlefield meets Team Fortress meets Overwatch. It looks cool, man,” Doc said. He also applauded the ambition of the game, even in its early state.

“You always have to appreciate a big vision and a unique take and then pulled off at a good, high level in terms of fidelity and all that stuff.”

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The Two-Time was particularly impressed by the destruction present in all of The Finals’ maps, explaining that the feature is a difficult one to pull off effectively in a competitive multiplayer environment.

“if destruction is not done right, it can be really bad. I think we have seen a lot of examples where it does not add to the gameplay,” Doc continued. “It’s tricky, but based on what we just saw right there, it can complement the gameplay.”

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Someone in the chat pointed also pointed out that The Finals shares a lot of DNA with another classic arena shooter – Unreal Tournament. Doc agreed, saying that it has “a little Unreal Tournament personality.”

All in all, The Finals has received plenty of positive feedback since the beta went live, with many other streamers and creators welcoming its fresh take on the genre.

The Finals beta runs until March 21, so there’s still time to sign up if you’re on PC. Meanwhile, a console version is also planned when the game finally gets its full release.

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Image credit: Embark Studios / Dr Disrespect

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