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The wondrous nature of Disney Dreamlight Valley has captivated gamers early on, but when exactly is the game’s full release date?

Like many games nowadays, Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently enjoying a successful early access period to allow players to run amock in its fabulous world and ensure that it’s up to scratch.

Already, fans have been treated to tons of weird and wonderful tasks from searching the lands to obtain Emeralds to figuring out a permanent way of removing mushrooms for good.

There’s already a huge amount of content in the game and it’s still only in its early access stage. So it begs the question, when exactly does Disney Dreamlight Valley hit platforms? Let’s find out the release period for the game.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley release period

Disney’s life simulation game went into early access on September 6, 2022, and the full release is expected sometime during 2023 – but there isn’t an official date just yet.

As with all titles in early access, there is a degree of testing and experimenting with the game to ensure that when it’s released it’s as perfect as it can possibly be.

Even though the game is slated for 2023, there’s every chance that this could be changed as some games stay in early access for a while, e.g Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov has been in early access since 2017.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will also be free-to-play upon its official release with the paid portion of the game right now applying to players who purchased the Founder’s Pack.

Hopefully, this cleared everything up for you and we’ll be sure to update this guide once we hear more from developers Gameloft regarding the game’s ongoing development.

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