Best Tanks in Star Wars: Hunters – Tier list

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Sentinel in star wars hunters

There are four Tanks in Star Wars: Hunters, and each of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but some are simply a cut above the rest. Here is a tier list ranking of the Tank characters in Star Wars: Hunters.


Tanks, like all other Star Wars: Hunters characters, have a unique set of abilities that makes each of them helpful in specific modes or maps. Some, though, tend to stand above others as overall great characters that are strong in any given situation. 

So, here are all the Tank characters in Star Wars: Hunters ranked, what their abilities are, and when they’re best to use.

Star Wars: Hunters Tank tier list

There are currently four Tanks in Star Wars: Hunters that you can play, and here’s our tier list ranking them from best to worst:

SSentinel, Slingshot

Best Tanks in Star Wars: Hunters

The best Tanks in Star Wars: Hunters are Slingshot and Sentinel, with Grozz and Charr sitting just below in the rankings.

C – Charr

Charr in Star Wars: Hunters
Charr is the weakest tank in the game right now.

Charr is a Trandoshan with a massive gun and claws to deal high damage to your enemies. He can be a bit difficult to play around, though, as he doesn’t have much in the sense of defense aside from his Regen Booster ability that turns incoming damage into healing instead.

As an all-rounder, he’s definitely on the lower tier of characters, but he’s still a good pick for modes like Squad Brawl where you’re looking to get a high number of kills. Laser Tether is one of the best abilities for high damage, because it keeps enemies close and makes sinking damage into them much easier.

B – Grozz

Grozz in Star Wars: Hunters
Grozz can perform well in modes where you need a lot of kills.

Grozz is a Wookie with a similar playstyle to Charr, but he has a lot more focused abilities to deal a significant amount of damage. As a result, though, he suffers from the same problem that Charr does in not having a good all-around ability to protect himself and his team. 

Because he has more potential for damage, he’s just a step above Charr, and he’s also a great pick for Squad Brawl where your focus is getting kills. Stampede and Upheaval are both excellent for enemy control and pumping high damage into them, as they stun and knock enemies.

Grozz’s Ultimate, Boulder Bash, is also quite strong, as it controls the part of the map he is standing on and deals massive damage to anyone who gets in his way.

S – Slingshot & Sentinel


Slingshot in Star Wars: Hunters
Slingshot is a very close second for the best Tank in the game.

The Ugnaught piloting Droideka Slingshot’s arsenal of abilities is perfect for protecting the team while also making sure it’s difficult for enemies to move in on you.

His abilities focus largely on controlling enemy movement and dealing high damage, but his iconic shield also gives him an edge in combat. Additionally, he has Unstable Shield, so when it breaks, it explodes – dealing even more damage to anyone too close. 

Slingshot excels in any game mode, but would perform best in Trophy Case and Power Control, where stunning enemies will come in handy for the control of points. This is where Trickshot and his Ultimate, Rocket Stomp!, come in handy as they both slow the enemy down while inflicting damage.


Sentinel in Star Wars: Hunters
Sentinel excels in situations where you need to control your enemies.

Sentinel, an Imperial Stormtrooper, is the best Tank in the game. His abilities give him the power to protect his team, deal serious damage to enemies, and stun enemies with his Suppressing Shot ability to make them easier to kill.

In addition to that, Sentinel can also use his Ultimate, Empire’s Finest, to spawn two new allies to aid the team in battle – turning a usual 4v4 situation into 4v6 and making it very difficult to deal with.

Sentinel is a great example of an all-rounder Tank that can work in any situation, but his best use is in modes like Dynamic Control and Power Control where you’ll focus on controlling an area.

All the Tanks are worth giving a shot, and it’s important to know what modes they are good in while you’re waiting to unlock the ones you want in the Hunter’s Path. Success in Star Wars: Hunters largely depends on playing to your strengths, so be sure to get to know all the characters and classes available to you.

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