How to get Aran Tal in Star Wars: Hunters

Nathan Warby
Aran Tal in Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters features a strong lineup of launch characters, and the Mandalorian Aran Tal has joined the roster to shake up the meta. Here’s how to unlock him.

There are plenty of characters in Star Wars: Hunters, and it’s important to master each one and their unique abilities to get the most out of them on the battlefield. But the devs have promised that more Hunters will arrive now that the game is out, starting with Aran Tal.

So, here’s everything you need to know about how to get Aran Tal in Star Wars: Hunters.

How to unlock Aran Tal in Star Wars: Hunters

You can get Aran Tal instantly through the Season 1 Arena Pass in Star Wars: Hunters. However, unlike the other characters in the game that can be unlocked for free, the new Hunter is only available by purchasing the premium version for $9.99/£9.99.

The Arena Pass works like a traditional Battle Pass found in other games like Fortnite, where you’ll need to earn XP to level up and earn rewards. You can also use Crystals, the game’s premium currency, to skip tiers instantly.

Buying the premium version unlocks a handful of rewards right away, and Aran Tal is among these instant bonuses. Although fans might be disappointed to see that they can only unlock the Mandalorian by spending real money.

It’s likely that once Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 comes to an end that Aran Tal will be added to the free Hunter’s Path, where the rest of the characters are unlocked. This hasn’t been confirmed by the devs, though, so we’ll update this page once we know more.

Aran Tal in Star Wars Hunter Arena Pass
Aran Tal is the first new Hunter since the worldwide launch.

Who is Aran Tal in Star Wars: Hunters?

Aran Tal is a Damage character in Star Wars: Hunters, who uses the full extent of a Mandalorian’s arsenal to clear the battlefield. Check out his abilities below according to the official Hunters website:

  • Dual Blaster Pistols: Standard weapon
  • Tal’s Breath: Fires a flamethrower in a beam straight ahead.
  • Jetpack Boost: A quick boost in any direction that deals damage and knocks enemies back. Can be used twice before recharging.
  • Air Assault: Aran uses his jet pack to fly forward and slam into the ground, all while still being able to fire his weapon.
  • Fury of Clan Tal (Ultimate): Uses his jetpack to hover around the arena, while constantly using his flamethrower.

Very little is known about Aran Tal from a lore point of view, but we do know that he served on Vespaara before being dragged into the Grand Arena, and that the Mandalorian armor he wears was passed down from generation to generation within the Tal clan.

That was everything we know about how to get Aran Tal in Star Wars: Hunters. For more, make sure you have all the other characters unlocked and check if there are any codes for free rewards.

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