Best build for Freyna in The First Descendant

Stephanie Zucarelli
Freyna in The First Descendant

If you’re someone who loves strategy and setting traps in The First Descendant, you’re going to want to know the best build for Freyna.

Facing the Vulgus to defend humanity in The First Descendant isn’t an easy task, and not crafting a character properly can stop you from completing missions. So, here is her best build, including what Modules to use, the best loadout, Reactors, and External Components.

Best Freyna build in The First Descendant

  • Modules: Contagion, Nimble Fingers, Entropy Acceleration, Skill Extension
  • Reactors: Toxic Mechanics
  • External Components: Max HP, Max Shields
  • Weapon: Python Instinct Machine Gun

Freyna is one of the best starter characters as she’s fairly easy to learn and has strong abilities with less risk than a character like Bunny.

She has lower mobility, though, which can make her vulnerable to enemies attacks, so using External Components like Max HP and Max Shields will offset this weakness. Her DoT potential makes her strong, so using Modules to increase skill time and their cooldowns will enhance her abilities.

Python Instinct is overall one of the best weapons in the game, but it’s an excellent choice for her specifically. Below is a detailed look at the best Freyna build.

Best Module Setup

1 (Skill Module)ContagionWhen an enemy afflicted with Room 0 Trauma dies, they leave a contagion of Poison around them.
2HP ConcentrationImproved HP and Skill Critical Rate.
3Range HP CalculatorImproves your Skill Effect Range, and slightly improves HP.
4Nimble FingersReduces your Skill Cooldown.
5Skill Cost OptimizeReduces your Skill Cooldown, and slightly reduces your Skill Cost.
6Skill ExpansionIncreases your Skill Effect Range for valid Skills.
7Dual ClawAttacks using Dual Claws during Sub Attack. Equipping Sub Attack Module increases the Module Capacity.
8Skill ExtensionImproves Skill Duration.
9Entropy AccelerationSlightly increases max MP and Skill Critical Hit Damage.
10Strong MentalityReduces the Resource Cost when you use Skills.
11Toxic SpecialistIncreases Toxic Skill Power Boost Ratio.
12Toxic MasterIncreases your Skill Power, with an additional increase for Toxic Skills.

Freyna specializes in Damage Over Time and uses her Poison abilities to drain her enemies’ HP. Her Decomposed Poison and Toxic Trauma Skills can deal consistent damage in AoE, but that makes her reliant on her positioning.

Range HP Calculator and Skill Cost Optimize were essential for me when crafting the best build because they make her less vulnerable while boosting her abilities.

Strong Mentality, Skill Extension, and Entropy Acceleration work great if you plan on spamming her AoE skills, but also gives you an edge to take her DoT to the limit when facing large groups of enemies.

Best Reactors

The best Reactor for Freyna in The First Descendant is Toxic Mechanics, because it boosts her Toxic attribute and Tech skills.

The best Reactors will amp up both Toxic Skill Power and Tech Skill Power, increasing your overall damage. As such, another good option is Toxic Phase, because she also uses Dimension skills.

Keep in mind that each Reactor has an Optimization Condition that gets it to reach its full potential, so make sure you meet that for whichever one you use.

Best External Components

Since External Components are RNG-based drops that will only appear when you’re at max level, you can perfect your Freyna build by adding anything that buffs her Max HP and HP Recovery.

If you like getting her up close with enemies and would like your build to be more sturdy, you can also try equipping components that help with her Max Shields and overall DEF stats.

Best weapons for Freyna

The best weapons for Freyna in The First Descendant are the Fallen Hope AR and Python Instinct Machine Gun.

Fallen Hope

  • ATK: 27
  • Fire Rate: 600
  • Reload Speed: 1.7 seconds
  • Effective Range: 35m
  • Perdition: After hitting a Poisoned enemy, it increases Firearm ATK and applies this buff to the attack. On defeating a Poisoned enemy, the defeated enemy will trigger an Explosion with a certain chance, inflicting additional damage to nearby enemies.
The First Descendant Fallen Hope AR
Fallen Hope is crucial to maximize Freyna’s damage.

The Fallen Hope AR has a direct effect on every Poisoned enemy thanks to its Perdition unique ability. After Freya eliminates someone afflicted with Poison, it will automatically trigger an explosion and inflict damage to nearby enemies.


  • ATK: 21
  • Fire Rate: 923
  • Reload Speed: 1.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 23m
  • Python Instinct: On hitting an enemy’s Weak Point, inflicts the unique ‘Prey’ ability on the target enemy.
Python Machine Gune in The First Descendant
The Python is a decent Machine Gun that is easily combined with Freyna’s toxic skills.

The Python Instinct is one of the best weapons in the game, but it truly excels when you’re using it with her. Prey reduces DEF stats on targets but lowers resistance to toxic damage, giving her a massive boost with her skills.

I found that Toxic Trauma in tandem with Python made most enemies you fight against incredibly squishy. It also flows really well with her passive ability, making it a fantastic weapon choice for the best Freyna build.

Best Active Skill for Freyna

Freyna’s best Active Skill in The First Descendant is Decomposed Poison because it brings together DoT and AoE damage. Not only that, but you can make enemies poison each other, extending the time that they take damage.

In a very close second place is Defense Mechanism, because it gives her a boost in Defense, but it also has a chance to inflict Room 0 Trauma on enemies when they attack her. Overall, it’s a balanced ability that assists where she is weakest.

Abilities explained

  • Contagion Links (Passive): Increases Toxic skill power based on the number of nearby enemies afflicted with Poison.
  • Toxic Trauma: Throws poison to attack target enemy with damage and inflict Room 0 Trauma onto nearby enemies.
  • Defense Mechanism: Significantly increases DEF. There is a chance of inflicting Room 0 Trauma to enemies upon attack.
  • Decomposed Poison: Throws poison to create a Poison Swamp. Enemies entering the Poison Swamp are inflicted with constant damage and Poisoned Footprints state. When enemies in Poisoned Footprints state walk around, they create footprints that poison other enemies.
  • Venomous Baptism: Switches gun to Venom Baptism. Enemies hit by Venom Baptism are inflicted with Room 0 Trauma.

Freyna focuses on inflicting the Poisoned status through her toxic skills, which are enhanced by Contagion Links (passive). This will be determined by how many enemies are affected by her abilities, so focusing on a large group of enemies just keeps amping her kit’s overall damage.

How to unlock Freyna in The First Descendant

You can unlock Freyna either by purchasing her from the shop or by speaking with the Magister Anais in the Albion Mountains and conducting research with these materials:

  • Enhanced Cells
    • Metal Accelerant x519
    • Semiconstant Plasma x290
    • Organic Biogel x31
    • Enhanced Cell Blueprint
    • 200,000 Gold
  • Stabilizer
    • Repton x422
    • Superfluid x571
    • Data Processing Neural Circuit x38
    • Stabilizer Blueprint x1
    • 200,000 Gold
  • Spiral Catalyst
    • Monad Shard x246
    • Hardener x386
    • Artificial Biometal x39
    • Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1
  • Code

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