Best build for Esiemo in The First Descendant

Emily Stander
Esiemo throwing a grenade in The First Descendant

Esiemo is one of the first new characters to be released in The First Descendant after its official launch, and he can be an incredibly strong damage dealer with the best build

If you’re looking for an explosive Descendant who takes some time to learn, but has damage potential rivaled by few other characters, then Esiemo is your man. Here’s his best build, including what Modules, Reactors, and weapons to use. 

Best Esiemo build in The First Descendant

  • Modules: Cluster Bomb, Fire Specialist, Focused on Fire, Willpower Efflux
  • Reactor: Burning Mixture
  • External Components: Shield Recovery in Combat, DEF, Max Shields
  • Weapon: Greg’s Reversed Fate Tactical Rifle

Esiemo specializes in timed explosives to do huge damage to enemies and has powerful potential for both AoE and single-target damage. 

He doesn’t have any defense skills, and given that his Ultimate is melee-focused, it’s important to use the above-mentioned External Components because they give his shields a boost so he can live for long enough to get value. 

Willpower Efflux helps with this as well, and using Burning Mechanics as your Reactor means you can get even higher damage while you’re targeting enemies. A detailed look at the best Esiemo build is below. 

Best Module Setup

1 (Skill Module)Cluster BombDetonating an attached bomb creates additional explosives at the detonated location
2Skill Range MasteryImproves the Range of your Skills
3Increased ShieldIncreases your Max Shield
4Fire SpecialistIncreases the Skill Power of your Fire Skills
5Skill ExpansionIncreases the Effect Range of your Skills
6Focus on FireImproves the Skill Power of your Fire Skills, and slightly reduces Skill Cooldowns
7 (Sub-Module)Dual ClawChanges your Sub Attack to a Dual Claw attack. Increases Max Module Capacity
8Willpower EffluxIncreases your DEF and slightly improves HP Heal
9Increased DEFIncreases your DEF
10Increased HPIncreases your max HP
11Technique ManualLanding a Skill deals a portion of your Max HP as extra damage to the target. 8 second Cooldown per target.

Cluster Bomb is a fantastic Module because it doesn’t fundamentally change much about Esiemo’s skills while still giving you even more explosives to have fun with. In that same vein, Focus on Fire and Fire Specialist are essential for their boost to Fire damage so you can get the most value from these skills.

I found that he struggled quite a bit with surviving, especially because he’s one of the only Descendants with no skills that help him with defense or healing. As such, you’re going to need Willpower Efflux and Increased HP to make sure you can get him in and out of fights as you need.

Best Reactors

The Reactor for a best Esiemo build in The First Descendant is Burning Mixture, because the best build for him focuses on Blast and Arche explosion damage. 

His main attribute is Fire, which is why you need a ‘Burning’ Reactor, but he uses Fusion and Tech types of skills. As a result, you can also consider using Burning Mechanics, because this will boost his Tech damage. 

Remember to meet the Optimization Condition of the Reactor you use so you can get the best out of it buffing your skill power. 

Best External Components

The best External Components for Esiemo boost his Max Shield, Max HP, Shield Recovery in Combat, and DEF

Every Descendant needs a weakness, and as we’ve mentioned before, Esiemo can struggle to survive in difficult fights. Especially considering he needs to get up close to enemies at times, these External Components will ensure that he can take harder hits. 

Best weapons for Esiemo in The First Descendant

The best weapons to use with Esiemo in The First Descendant are the Greg’s Reversed Fate Tactical Rifle, Thunder Cage SMG, and Restored Relic Launcher.

Greg’s Reversed Fate

  • ATK: 33
  • Fire Rate: 342
  • Reload Speed: 1.4 seconds
  • Effective Range: 55 meters
  • Shaping Destiny: On hitting an enemy with a Max Shield, proc Bombardment on the enemy’s location with a set chance. Inflict Burn on enemies hit by Bombardment.
Greg's Reversed Fate Tactical Rifle in The First Descendant
This Tactical Rifle performs well in the right hands.

Greg’s Reversed Fate can be difficult to handle because of the 20% decrease in accuracy, but if you hit a target with a full shield, you get a massive AoE effect that flows well with his abilities. It may not be the best choice for all Descendants, but it’s the best choice for Esiemo. 

Thunder Cage

  • ATK: 18
  • Fire Rate: 666
  • Reload Speed: 1.4 seconds
  • Effective Range: 23 meters
  • Overcharge: Defeating an enemy unleashes an electric shockwave, dealing firearm ATK to nearby enemies within 3 meters.
Thunder Cage SMG in The First Descendant
Overcharge is a great unique ability that can cut enemies down quickly.

Thunder Cage is another great choice because of its electric shockwave, which can pull him out of sticky situations quite easily. 

Being within melee range is a dangerous situation for any Descendant, but this SMG gives you the edge you need to thrive under these conditions. Couple it with Arche Explosion, and you’ve got a speedy TTK. 

Restored Relic 

  • ATK: 230
  • Fire Rate: 60
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 5 meters
  • Ancient Technique: Fires a Guided Round with a set chance. On hitting an enemy with a Guided Round, inflicts Ancient Fire to the target enemy with a set chance.
Restored Relic Launcher in The First Descendant
Ancient Technique matches well with Esiemo’s Fire attribute.

Restored Relic is a solid secondary weapon for the best Esiemo build because of Ancient Technique’s ability to boost Fire damage. As mentioned, Fire is his main attribute, so it flows well with his playstyle.

I found it best to open fights with Greg’s Restored Fate and then switch to Restored Relic for extra damage because the Tactical Rifle needs full shields to proc its unique ability. Together, they worked well as a weapon combination.  

Best Active Skill for Esiemo

Esiemo’s best Active Skill in The First Descendant is Blast, because it gives you control over how your explosives detonate. 

It’s important to note that without Time Bomb, Blast wouldn’t be so strong. Technically speaking, both of them are the strongest Active Skill you have on hand. They work together to give him a really interesting way of playing, and not making explosives as random. 

All abilities explained

  • Adventitious Habit (Passive): Drops a bomb on the ground when your shield is depleted.
  • Time Bomb: Launch a Sticky Bomb that attaches to an enemy or terrain.
  • Blast: Instantly detonate any attached bombs.
  • Guided Landmine: Place a guided landmine that flies to an enemy within range and attaches to it.
  • Arche Explosion: Start running fast to collide with enemies and inflict Knockback. When the skill ends, deal damage to nearby enemies and remove buffs from them.

Esiemo’s Passive is not as strong as some other Descendant’s, which is a shame, because his Active Skills give him incredible damage potential. He’s one of the only characters who doesn’t lack in AoE or single-target damage, which makes him one of the strongest overall. 

Arche Explosion and Guided Landmine are both strong abilities, but they can take time to get right. If you’re looking to play him next, have some patience as his learning curve can be quite a bit higher than other Descendants. 

How to unlock Esiemo in The First Descendant

You can unlock Esiemo in The First Descendant by researching him with Anais in Albion or purchasing him from the shop

You’ll need to collect materials to research his Enhanced Cells, Stabilizer, and Spiral Catalyst before running Void Fusion Reactors to find his Code. Once you’ve collected everything, you’ll have the option to unlock him with the Magister.

Esiemo is not the only explosives handler in The First Descendant, so be sure to check out our build for Lepic if you like this kind of playstyle. He’s one of the first characters you can unlock if you’re looking to hop in fresh.