Best build for Kyle in The First Descendant

Emily Stander
Kyle in The First Descendant

Kyle is one of the best characters in The First Descendant, and he has an interesting playstyle that makes him a highly mobile, aggressive Tank. He becomes even more powerful when you have the best build for him. 

So, here are all the Modules, weapons, Reactors, and External Components you should be using to make him a fantastic Descendant from start to endgame.

Best Kyle build for The First Descendant

  • Modules: Increase Shield, HP Concentration, Willpower Efflux
  • Reactor: Materialized Phase
  • External Components: Max Shield
  • Weapon: Thunder Cage

The key to getting to the best Kyle build is to buff his Dimension skills (Magnetism Spurt and Magnetic Bulwark). I found that focusing on these makes this Descendant an unstoppable force when charging forward, and gives me the chance to position him strategically to absorb damage.

Since he’ll be diving a lot in the middle of the battle, getting him External Components that boost his Max Shields is a priority. Combined with the Thunder Cage, he can deal extra AoE damage while he’s out in the open.

Best Module Setup

1 (Skill Module)[Empty]N/A
2TechnicianSignificantly increases Skill Power
3Increased ShieldSignificantly increases Max Shield
4DEF AccelerantA small boost to Skill Duration and DEF
5Increased HPSignificantly increases Max HP
6Skill SimplificationBoosts Skill Power at the cost of some Max MP
7 (Sub-Module)Dual ClawChanges Sub Attack to a dual claw attack and increases Max Module Capacity
8Increased DEFGrants a large boost to DEF
9Nimble FingersReduces Skill Cooldowns
10Willpower EffluxGrants a large boost to DEF and a small boost to HP Heal
11HP ConcentrationIncreases Max HP and Skill Critical Rate
12Regeneration BoostImproves HP Recovery

Since his skills work well at their core, we opted to leave out a Skill Module. Otherwise, it’s really important to focus on Modules that increase your Max Shield, like Increased Shield, because his Magnetic Force is proportional to this stat.

You’re going to be in enemy faces a lot with him, so buffing your HP and Shields with HP Concentration, Willpower Efflux, and Regeneration Boost ensures you can survive long enough to get value out of his skills.

Lastly, Skill Simplification and Nimble Fingers ensures that you have your skills on hand more often than not so you can get maximum potential from skills like Repulsion Dash and Superconductivity Thrusters. Especially because he doesn’t use MP, Skill Simplification is basically a free boost.

Best Reactors

Reactors that boost Non-Attribute and/or Tech skills are ideal to focus on for Kyle’s best build.

Most of his skills fall into these two categories, so it’s important to use Reactors that buff them. Alternatively, you should be using Reactors with a high Skill Power and Sub Attack Power. 

As usual, make sure you look out for the Optimization Condition of the Reactor you are using. It could be as simple as making sure you are using the correct weapon type, and optimizing your Reactor will give it a significant buff for stronger results. 

Best External Components

The best External Components for Kyle in The First Descendant buff Max Shield, Max HP, and DEF

Max Shield is your most important stat to focus on because his Magnetic Force is also buffed when your Max Shields are increased. It also means that his Superconductivity Thrusters deal more damage. 

Best Weapons for Kyle in The First Descendant

Kyle thrives when using the Thunder Cage SMG, Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle, and Perforator Hand Cannon weapons.

Thunder Cage

  • ATK: 18
  • Fire Rate: 666
  • Reload Speed: 1.4 seconds
  • Effective Range: 23m
  • Overcharge: Defeating an enemy unleashes an electric shockwave, dealing firearm ATK to nearby enemies within 3 meters.
Thunder Cage in The First Descendant
Thunder Cage is a great SMG to use with him

Thunder Cage is one of the best options for the best Kyle build because of its strength in close-range combat. This unit can tank more damage than most Descendants, and the extra damage you get from Overcharge makes up for his weakness in damage output. 

Afterglow Sword

  • ATK: 240
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 55m
  • Nightmare Reaper: On hitting an enemy’s weak point, inflicts the unique ability Death Propagation. On hitting an enemy Commander or Collossi, increase firearm critical hit rate.
Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle in The First Descendant
Using this Sniper Rifle gives your build some versatility.

For a balanced build, you’ll want to use Afterglow Sword for the amazing potential it has for single-target damage with its Nightmare Reaper unique ability. This unit thrives in close quarters, but having the Afterglow in your arsenal means you’ll be ready for any combat situation. 

Perforator Hand Cannon

  • ATK: 141
  • Fire Rate: 99
  • Reload Speed: 1.6 seconds
  • Effective Range: 20m
  • Detect: On hitting a Weak Point, inflicts damage to the enemy’s Shield in proportion to their Max Shield at a set chance. When damage is dealt to the enemy completely depletes the target enemy’s Shield, inflict Stun with a set chance.
Perforator Hand Cannon in The First Descendant
This Hand Cannon gives him the ability to stun enemies.

This Hand Cannon is a top tier weapon overall, and it gives the Descendant the chance to stun enemies when he’s taking on melee-range fights. The Perforator also works really well with Thunder Cage, as you can pull it out for initial damage and finish enemies off with the SMG. 

Best Active skill for Kyle

Kyle’s best Active skill is Magnetism Spurt, since it allows him to charge forward without having to worry about his HP and absorb damage without reducing his Shields.

Abilities explained

  • Experienced Technician (Passive): Obtains Magnetic Force. When the Shield is broken, the unit recovers it and Magnetic Force.
  • Repulsion Dash: Charges towards the enemy, dealing damage.
  • Magnetic Bulwark: Creates a frontal Barrier to protect against enemy attacks.
  • Magnetism Spurt: When taking damage, Magnetic Force is reduced instead of HP or Shields. After a certain period of time, Magnetic Force detonates.
  • Superconductivity Thrusters: Allows him to fly. When landing, deals damage in the area around his landing zone.

Kyle is an extremely durable Tank character, which is largely thanks to skills like Magnetism Spurt which reduces Magnetic Force instead of HP or Shields. You generate Magnetic Force by dealing and taking damage, which means that you essentially become unkillable. 

Superconductivity Thrusters and Repulsion Dash also make it so he’s incredibly mobile, which is what tends to make characters strong in The First Descendant. Magnetic Bulwark also provides some protection for the team, as it creates a barrier you can recover behind.

How to unlock Kyle in The First Descendant

You can purchase Kyle for 900 Caliber in The First Descendant’s in-game shop, or you can research him with Anais the Magister in Albion with these materials:

  • Enhanced Cells
    • Carbon Crystal x554
    • Hellion x303
    • Inorganic Biogel x53
    • Enhanced Cell Blueprint
    • 200,000 Gold
  • Stabilizer
    • Metal Accelerant x519
    • Monomolecular Extractor x499
    • Deformed Biometal x69
    • Stabilizer Blueprint x1
    • 200,000 Gold
  • Spiral Catalyst
    • Ceramic Composite x408
    • Reverse Charging Coil x455
    • Compound Carbon Activator x29
    • Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1
  • Kyle Code

This Descendant is not the only Tank in the game, as Ajax can also prove to be a great pick with the right build. If you’re looking for someone who uses a little more DPS, be sure to check out our best builds for Gley and Freyna.

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