Baldur’s Gate 3 players explain the danger of seducing Minthara in Honour mode

Stephanie Zucarelli
Baldur's Gate 3 Minthara

Some characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 may appear sweet and caring, but pursuing romantic relationships with canonically ‘evil’ companions doesn’t always lead to a happy ending.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6 has added a ton of content for players to experiment with, and most are excited to test everything related to companions’ new animations and dialogues. Sadly, not every companion will make it easy for you to do so, something that a user found out the hard way during an Honour run.

Honour Mode was introduced during Patch 5, and challenged players to try beating the game with only one save slot, permadeath, and increasingly difficult bosses. Everything can suddenly kill you during this game mode, so most players prefer to stick to the safe options.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some fans “brave” enough to try their luck with deadly companions, such as Minthara. Famously known for being the perfect companion for users doing an evil or Durge run, the Drow is a dangerous character that can turn on the main character very quickly.

Baldur's Gate 3 Dark Urge
“Durge” runs are also famously known for being quite tricky in harder difficulty settings.

In a Reddit post called “I slept with Minthara, then she ended my Honour run,” user ‘FeatureCreative2429’ described everything that went wrong while trying to seduce her after the goblin party during Act 1.

“She gets all lovey-dovey and lets her guard down, so I tell her about the prism. She walks off angrily. Whoops, dumb move. I’d never seen this dialogue and was curious,” commented the player. Surprisingly, Minthara tried to kill them while they were sleeping, and when they were trying to convince her to take them to Moonrise Towers, the worst happened.

“All I need to do to get out of this is a DC 2 Persuasion roll. I have Guidance and Expert Proficiency, so a +9 Bonus. Easy right? 95% chance of success. Critical fail. The entire goblin raiding party attacks me in my own camp alongside her. No ability to flee. We’re slaughtered,” recalled the OP.

Baludur’s Gate 3 fans gathered in this post and warned players, once again, that Honour mode wasn’t the best place for trying out dialogue options, or even when testing the unique mechanics of a Dark Urge run.

Others pointed out that romancing Minthara was especially tricky, since most dialogues depend on saving throws or Skill checks that could easily get players a Critical fail.

“This is why I ended up snapping her neck after sex on my evil Bard Durge HM run, though I ended up being shocked at how easy that was. I think I f*cked up somewhere post-sex so that happened. Tbf, my Durge was deranged. and I was doing a duo HM run. So Minthara had to die like the other companions,” commented user ‘rosephemera1.’

Some fans took this opportunity to point out how much they hated the Critical Fail/Success system on Skill checks and blamed devs for including a mechanic that “relies on luck” during the Honour game mode.

And that’s how a Baldur’s Gate 3 player found out the perils of romancing Minthara during Honour playthroughs. If you want to know more about Larian Studios’ RPG, you can check out this trick to easily deal with Steel Watchers and what hidden Shar Temple easter egg players have found during Act 1.

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