Every Reality Augment in Fortnite: All perks explained

Hamza Khalid
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Reality Augments are back in Chapter 5 Season 1 of Fortnite and can help turn the tide in your favor during a match. So here’s all you need to know about Reality Augments in Fortnite, including how you can use them in Chapter 5 Season 1.

After jumping into a game of Fortnite, you should quickly get your hands on the best loot to help you secure the victory, including powerful ranged and melee weapons and a few Shield potions.

One way to increase your chances of coming out on top is to make use of Reality Augments which were introduced to the game in Chapter 4 Season 1. These can give you special boosts that can help you eliminate players.

If you’re wondering what these are and what they do for you in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, we’ve got you covered.

On the Bag Reality Augment in Fortnite
Reality Augments completely change the flow of Fortnite matches.

What are Reality Augments in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s Reality Augments are essentially perks that grant you special skills and boosts to help you out in matches. While they don’t give you a huge advantage over the competition, they do make things a bit easier.

You’ll be given the option to choose between two different Reality Augments at different points during a match. Since these stack up, you’ll be able to collect more perks as the match goes on.

All Reality Augments in Fortnite

Fortnite currently features 26 different Reality Augments for you to use in a match, and each of these grants you different skills and even weapons. Reality Augments were removed from the game during the OG Season but have been brought back in Chapter 5 Season 1.

Here are all the current Reality Augments in Fortnite:

Reality AugmentsDescription
Ammo DropInstantly gain ammo. Eliminated players drop additional ammo.
Agile MendingReduce the movement speed penalty while channeling healing items.
Balloon FallPlayer receives balloons after falling for a second.
Barrier BrakerWeapons with a Muzzle Brake mod deal increased structure damage. Gain a Rare weapon with a Muzzle Brake mod.
Cluster CollectorGain 2 Cluster Clingers. Eliminations grant additional Cluster Clingers.
Dragon ArmoryReceive a Dragon’s Breath Shotgun and Flame Bow.
Extended MagWeapons have greatly increased magazine size.
Explosive SurplusInstantly gain Rocket ammo and additional rocket ammo when opening containers.
Fatigue ReloadOnce per full stamina bar, when your stamina is depleted, reload your equipped weapon instantly.
Flow FinderGain FlowBerry Fizz and get a splash of Flow when opening any container.
FoodieGain a random movement buff whenever you eat a Forgeable item.
Green ThumbReceive a new weapon each time you eliminate an opponent. Low-rarity weapons yield better chances.
Gun GameReceive a new weapon each time you eliminate an opponent. Low rarity weapons yield better chances.
Laser PrecisionWeapons with a Laser mod deal slightly increased headshot damage. Gain a Rare weapon with a Laser mod.
Light Flow BulletsGain Flow low gravity for a few seconds after firing a weapon with light ammo.
Marksman HeadshotsMarksman Rifle headshots deal increased damage.
Magazine MunitionsReceive ammo when reloading a weapon with a Drum Mag. Gain a Rare weapon with a Drum Mag.
Mini RewardInstantly gain Mini Shields and additional Mini Shields when opening containers.
Ninja TrainingIncreased movement speed while crouching.
On the Go BagInstantly gain mobility consumables and gain additional mobility consumables when opening containers.
Pinpoint P2XEnemies are revealed when hit by a weapon with a P2X Optic. Gain a Rare weapon with a P2X Optic.
Rare RichesRandomly receives numerous gold Bars, a Ballistic Shield or a Grapple Blade.
Shield SuppressorWeapons with Suppressors deal increased damage to shields. Gain a Rare weapon with a Suppressor.
Snowy SpeedGain some icy speed when sprinting and sliding.
Soothing SlapGain Slap energy regen after using any healing consumable.
Water RifterRandomly receives numerous gold Bars, a Ballistic Shield, or a Grapple Blade.

You won’t always be able to pick the exact Reality Augments that you want, since they are presented at random throughout the match. However, since you’ll have two choices, you can pick something that suits your playstyle and offers useful bonuses.

You can re-roll the augments you’re offered for free once per match, but you’ll have to spend 100 Gold Bars each time you do it after the initial selection during the same match.

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