Every Reality Augment in Fortnite: All perks explained

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Fortnite’s Reality Augments can turn the tide in the battle royale, so we’ll go through what they are as well as how you can get your hands on them during Chapter 4 Season 4.

After jumping into a game of Fortnite, you should quickly get your hands on the best loot to help you secure victory, including powerful ranged and melee weapons as well as a few shield potions.

One way to increase your chances of coming out on top is to make use of Reality Augments. If you’re wondering what these are and what they do for you in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, we’ve got you covered.

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Reality Augments completely change the flow of Fortnite matches.

What are Reality Augments in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s Reality Augments are essentially perks that grant you special skills and boosts to help you out in matches. While they don’t give you a huge advantage over the competition, they do make things a bit easier.

You’ll be given the option to choose between two different Reality Augments at different points during a match. Since these stack up, you’ll be able to collect more perks as the match goes on.

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All Reality Augments in Fortnite

Fortnite currently features 27 different Reality Augments for you to use in a match, and each of these grants you different skills and even weapons. The 26.10 update brought new ones for players to discover, while the 6th Birthday update brought even more. Additionally, Chapter 4 Season 4 also unvaulted a couple of fan-favorites from previous seasons.

Here are all the current Reality Augments in Fortnite:

Reality AugmentPerk
KeymasterGrants two Keys for opening Holo-Chests.
Light FingersWeapons using light ammo reload faster.
First AssaultThe first bullet in the magazine of your assault rifle deals bonus damage.
SMG Sign OffThe last 3 bullets of your SMG magazines deal bonus damage.
Steady HandsMarksman Rifles have reduced recoil.
Rarity CheckYou gain siphon on eliminations with common or uncommon weapons.
Sprint LinesGain a Slap effect upon using grind vines, grind rails, ziplines, or Ascenders.
Medium Ammo AcquiredInstantly gain medium ammo, then gain more when you open containers.
Mud WarriorWhile in mud or covered in it, you’ll regenerate Health and Shield.
On the Go BagAny container you open will have an item that would be in a Heist Bag.
Sniper StrikerSnipers give Siphon upon damaging enemies.
Ammo DropGrants ammo and makes enemies drop more ammo than usual.
First ShotgunYour Shotguns will deal increased damage on the first shot.
Pistol SalvoYour Pistols will have a reduced fire rate but increased damage.
Fast FisherSwim faster and instantly loot fishing spots when you swim through them.
SuperchargedVehicles you’re inside have increased health and only consume fuel while boosting.
More ParkourYour energy regenerates briefly after mantling.
Scope SalvoScoped weapons deal increased damage but have decreased fire rate.
Explosive SurplusInstantly gain rocket ammo and containers you open will always have rocket ammo.
High VoltageInstantly gain a Business Turret and Shield Breaker EMPs.
Storm ChaserReduces the amount of Energy drained while sprinting. The drain will be even more reduced in the Storm.
Roaming RedeployGain Glider Redeploy whenever you gain immunity to fall damage (from ziplines, ascenders, hop flowers, and more.
Game TimeInstantly receive a Pizza Party and a pack of Chug Splash.
Reckless SMG ReloadSMGs will reload faster whenever you reload on an empty clip.
Jump BalloonGet a Balloon automatically when you jump, until you reach the max number of Balloons.
BloodhoundEnemies hit by your DMR or Sniper shots will be marked for a short duration
Shell SlideGain Shotgun shells while sliding.

You won’t always be able to pick the exact Reality Augments that you want since they are presented at random throughout the match. However, since you’ll have two choices, you can pick something that suits your playstyle and offers useful bonuses.

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You can re-roll the augments you’re offered for free once per match, but you’ll have to spend 100 Gold Bars each time you do it after the initial selection during the same match.

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