Surprising Warzone LMG outshines meta with ridiculous long-range TTK

Nathan Warby
warzone operator aiming weapon on urzikstan

Warzone Season 3’s long-range meta has been dominated by LMGs like the Bruen Mk9 and TAQ Eradicator, but there’s a MW2 option with a TTK that can outperform the best guns in the game.

Ever since MW2 guns received a buff in Warzone Season 3, we’re seeing more and more older weapons creep into the meta. The likes of the FTAC Recon and TR-76 Geist have all become extremely viable since the update, but arguably one of the biggest winners after the buff is the RAPP H LMG.

Long-range gunfights have been dominated by MW3 options like the Bruen Mk9 and TAQ Eradicator, but the RAPP H actually has better time to kill than these. If you’re landing all of your shots, there is virtually no other gun, aside from Snipers like the MORS, that can drop enemies quicker at longer distances.

In my experience, the only real drawback is that the RAPP does feel much more sluggish to use than the newer weapons in the LMG category and its fire rate is slower. This makes it slightly more unforgiving, as you’ll need to hit your shots constantly to achieve a competitive TTK.

However, if you’ve got a steady hand, almost nothing can outperform the RAPP H in a gunfight that takes place over 50 meters and above. Despite this, most players are still sleeping on the LMG and opting for the tried-and-tested MW3 weapons.

Warzone expert WhosImmortal also highlighted the RAPP H in a recent upload to his YouTube channel, where he broke down the best MW2 options in Warzone. He described the LMG’s TTK as “absurd” and claimed it absolutely “fries” enemies.

He also agreed about the slower fire rate potentially causing an issue, but this can be minimized by running our best RAPP H loadout. This focuses on attachments that remove much of the recoil and make landing shots easier such as the Casus Brake L or the Bruen Heavy Support Grip.

So, if you’re looking for a new option to delete enemies at long range, the RAPP H LMG could be the pick for you. Of course, the LMG isn’t ideal in closer-range fights, but you can easily run a meta SMG like the HRM-9 or Striker 9 to ensure you’re covered in every situation.

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