Fortnite player gets trapped inside Pandora’s Box at the perfect moment

Aryan Singh
Fortnite character gliding towards Titan Hand

The Pandora’s Box mini-event in Fortnite had players hacking away at chains for hours to uncover its mysteries. While most enjoyed the event from a distance, one player managed to get inside the box and witness it erupt.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is almost here, and to welcome the new season and see out Season 1, the devs conjured up the Titan Hand mini-event. The event saw a giant hand pop up near Ruined Reels with bulky chains wrapped around it, and suspended from those chains was Pandora’s Box.

The point of interest served as a massive tease for Season 2, while also providing players with a fun activity. They were tasked with banding together and unloading billions of bullets at the chains to unveil its contents.

In the end, their efforts bore fruit, as the chest slammed open and unleashed a fiery tornado on the Island. This wasn’t all as thunderstorms also started spawning randomly in the open world, and players can even spot ‘souls of the dead’ within the tornado’s vortex.

Fortnite Pandora's Box after it was opened.
Pandora’s Box in Fortnite has now been opened.

Getting too close to the POI after it opened led to players getting overwhelmed by its force. However, one player on Reddit actually managed to land inside the box, and they also posted their findings.

It all emerged after user ‘pacackles’ uploaded a clip on the Fortnite subreddit with the caption, “I was trapped inside the Pandora box when it opened.” The contents of the clip were as advertised, as it showed the OP’s desperate attempts at escaping from inside the box.

They got into Pandora’s Box by building a ramp that led to the chest’s lid and jumping into it using a car. After successfully glitching their way inside, the OP was greeted with a sea of what appears to be lava. Fortunately, it did no damage to them but there was no escape either. They tried shooting the top, building structures, and even throwables, all to no effect.

Eventually, their luck came through as the lava began charging up and exploded into a massive tornado. This also did no damage to the player, and instead, the tornado’s whirlwind escorted them away from the box.

Users in the comments section were amazed by the clip, with one user saying, “You are likely the only person in the entire world who was inside the box when it opened.” The post attracted many other comments like this, as another user stated: “Bro is the chosen one, he went where no man has gone and lived to tell the tale.”

Some also suggested that Fortnite should take a page out of Battlefront 2042’s book, and reference the moment in some way, “Yo they should try to make this a reference or something in the game.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the OP’s discovery prompts other players to attempt the jump as well. Until then, check out the rumored OG Kratos collab and how to land at Hot Spots in Fortnite.

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