Where to find The Wanderer in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Aryan Singh
The Wanderer in Fortnite

In Chapter 5 Season 3, players can catch a glimpse of The Wanderer, a spectral villain who was the subject of leaks in the past. Fortnite does a solid job of keeping players interested in the game’s narrative with every major update bringing something new to the lore, and The Wanderer hits the spot.

There’s a ton of mystery surrounding this tall and white humanoid figure, with players exploring every inch of the Island just to see him for themselves.

The Wanderer locations

The Wanderer locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
You won’t find The Wanderer at named locations.
  • Coastal Comms
  • Estate Station
  • Placid Pumps
  • Cliffside Lodge
  • East of Nitrodrome
  • South of The Dam Bridge

After arriving at any of these six locations, explore the area thoroughly and you should be able to find The Wanderer walking around at a brisk pace. Make sure not to get too close to him as he will disappear immediately.

The Wanderer in Fortnite
Make sure not to get too close.

His presence on the Island likely hints at something major coming in the future. Epic are known for planting seeds and easter eggs that foreshadow future events, so it’s safe to assume that The Wanderer will have a bigger role to play this Fortnite season.

Who is The Wanderer?

The Wanderer is a mysterious humanoid character who is likely the antagonist of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. This theory is reinforced by the ‘Nitro Fusion Megalo Don’ loading screen, which features the ghostly character standing alongside Megalo Don’s crew.

Megalo also refers to him as an ally during his radio broadcasts and instructs his crew against looking under his hood “as it would be a sight that insignificant minds would not be able to bear.”

The character sports a cloak and a hood at all times, and it doesn’t appear to have a physical form. Getting too close to him will result in The Wanderer vanishing into thin air.

Players might get more details about the wanderer soon, as it’s expected to get a new look, according to HYPEX. Some believe it will play a role in the transition between this season and the next, but we’ll have to keep waiting for more information.

Can you kill The Wanderer?

Yes, you can kill The Wanderer with fire. This was confirmed by a Fortnite player that shared their discovery on Reddit:

Since you can’t get close to the NPC, the only way to do damage is to use hazards. Hired NPCs will try to shoot The Wanderer on sight, but they won’t deal any damage either.

Epic already fixed Mystique’s built-in Emote that used to let you become The Wanderer if you killed him. This was problematic, as it let players become invisible when another player was close to them.

While you’re waiting to find out what’s next for the character, make sure to keep with Fortnite’s in-game narrative by completing the Story and Weekly quests before a new Marvel season arrives.