Fortnite’s rumored Deadpool & Wolverine collab just got even more likely

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite Deadpool skin

Fortnite‘s list of Marvel collaborations could get longer because a new Deadpool & Wolverine crossover could be on the cards.

According to Shiina, both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are currently on a press tour to promote their new movie and are also meeting with Fortnite content creators.

In the photo that was shared, the actors were seen posing with Trymacs, a German Fortnite content creator, with the Deadpool skin in the Fortnite lobby on a screen in the background.

Information about this crossover was first shared by data miner Hypex on X, where they mentioned that Epic Games was reworking the old Wolverine Claws Mythic weapon specifically for Season 4.

These rumors fall in line with the leaked roadmap that showcased all the major crossovers that would come to the game in 2024. So far, the leak has been accurate, so there’s a high chance that this crossover will also be true.

What to expect from the crossover?

If Epic Games does intend to promote the movie, then you can expect a mini-event pass that features the skins for both characters, just like they’ve done with the other characters in the past.

During the event, you can expect to see some special missions that reward you with bonus XP, that will help you level up and unlock cosmetics in the current Battle Pass.

Alternatively, these skins could be introduced in Chapter 5 Season 4, which will most likely be a Marvel-themed season, alongside other characters from the MCU.

We’ll be sure to update this piece once there’s new information available. If you’re having a hard time leveling up your Battle Pass currently, make sure you’re completing all the Summer event quests alongside all the weekly quests.