How to get Magneto skin in Fortnite

Nathan Warby
Wastelander Magneto skin in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 features the latest Marvel crossover, allowing Battle Pass owners to unlock an exclusive Magneto skin and additional cosmetics.

Magneto boasts two different styles, with Wastelander Magneto fitting right into the Wrecked theme, and you can only get them during this Fortnite season.

How to unlock Wastelander Magento

You need to complete three Magneto Quests from Page 1 to unlock the Wastelander Magneto skin and three quests from Page 2 to unlock the Magneto style that’s more comic book-accurate.

You can check all quests and their additional rewards below.

How to complete Magneto Quests

Page 1

Visit Weapon X Lab (1)Knock, Knock, CLANG Loading Screen
Collect Magneto Power (1)Magneto’s Grasp Spray
Travel distance in the air with Magneto Power equipped (300)Magnetized Scrap Pickax
Hit vehicles using Magneto Power (10)Wastelander Magneto Banner Icon
Complete Page 1 Quests (3)Wastelander Magneto outfit
Wastelander’s Cloak Back Bling

Page 2

Eliminate opponents with Magneto Power (5)Crushed GG Emoticon
Block hits using the Magneto Power (200)Magnetic Steps Glider
Damage opponents from one story above or higher (2,000)Disassemble Emote
Configure Rift Beacons (3)Magnetism Master Wrap
Complete Page 2 Quests (3)Magneto outfit style
Magneto’s Cape Back Bling

Where to find Magneto Power in Fortnite

The new Magneto Power Mythic can be found in Chests, as ground loot, and in Supply Drops, but you’ll have better luck visiting Magneto himself at Brawler’s Battleground and buying it from him.

Wastelander Magneto location in Fortnite
Magneto sells Magneto Power but can run out of stock.

You have until the season ends on August 16 to complete these quests and claim all the rewards, so keep that in mind.

The mysterious NPC called The Wanderer is still around in Fortnite, and Epic are already teasing the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, so there’s lots to check out this season alongside Weekly and Story Quests.