How to complete All Sweat Summer Quests in Fortnite

Ezequiel Leis
Fortnite All Sweat Summer rewards

Fortnite’s All Sweat Summer event is finally here, and players can make some huge XP gains by completing the various challenges that are available for the duration of this event.

With Quests to complete in different game modes and even a new NPC, players can earn exclusive Summer-themed cosmetics as rewards.

Here’s a breakdown of every Quest and the rewards on offer.

All Sweat Summer Quests

Stage 1 – Eliminate players (25)25,000 XP
Stage 2 – Eliminate players (50)25,000 XP
Stage 3 – Eliminate players (75)25,000 XP
Stage 4 – Eliminate players (100)25,000 XP
Stage 5 – Eliminate players (125)25,000 XP
Reach the Top 50 Players in Zero Build (3)25,000 XP
Reach the Top 50 Players in Battle Royale (3)25,000 XP
Reach Top 25 Players (2)25,000 XP
Headshot players in Ranked or Reload (10)25,000 XP
Reach Top 10 players (1)25,000 XP
Damage players beyond 40 meters (1,337)25,000 XP
Reach Top 5 players (1)25,000 XP
Eliminate players in Ranked or Reload (20)25,000 XP
Win a Victory Royale (1)25,000 XP
Win a Crowned Victory Royale (1)25,000 XP
Break a sweat by frantically crouching 10 times in 25 seconds (10)25,000 XP
Hit an enemy player with 3 different weapons (3)25,000 XP
Capture the floating Loot Island (1)25,000 XP
Damage different players in Ranked or Reload before they damage you (5)25,000 XP
Survive Storm Circles after eliminating a player (10)25,000 XP
Secure Forecast data from a Forecast Tower (2)25,000 XP
Damage players within 10 meters (750)25,000 XP
Collect Medallions (2)25,000 XP
Collect bars from eliminated players in Ranked or Reload (100)25,000 XP
Sweat more by jumping 10 times in 20 seconds (10)25,000 XP
Slide-kick a player (1)25,000 XP
Emote within 15 meters of an enemy player (1)25,000 XP
Thanks the Bus Driver in Ranked or Reload (1)25,000 XP

Players can find the NPC called The Underwriter on the Island to get info about the next Storm Circle. While the NPC doesn’t seem to be part of the event’s questline, interacting with them will give you XP and a free item per match. You can visit him on the coast between Sandy Steppes and Pleasant Piazza.

Since each quest gives players 25,000 XP, the Fortnite event is one of the best ways to level up fast this season.


Quest milestonesRewards
Complete 10 All Sweat Summer questsFortnite Water Levels Wrap
Water Levels Wrap
Complete 15 All Sweat Summer questsSummer Sail Shark Glider in Fortnite
Summer Sail Shark Glider
Complete 20 All Sweat Summer questsDeck Ducky Back Bling in Fortnite
Deck Ducky Back Bling

Although there are more than 30 All Summer Sweat Quests in Fortnite, you need to complete only 20 to get your hands on all three rewards for this year.

If you’re looking for other ways to level up fast to get all the Battle Pass rewards, you can also check all Weekly, Story, and Reboot Rally quests.

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