Fortnite 24.40 update patch notes: Ranked Play, material changes, more

Nathan Warby
Darth Maul in Fortnite

The Fortnite 24.40 update is another big overhaul for the battle royale, introducing the new Ranked Play mode along with some material changes to balance it out. Here’s a look at the Fortnite 24.40 update patch notes.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is on the horizon, but Epic Games have kept things fresh with regular updates that bring new crossovers and content. The Fortnite 24.30 patch brought yet another Star Wars collaboration, including Anakin Skywalker and Find the Force Quests to earn a Darth Maul skin.

As we head towards the end of the season, the Fortnite 24.40 update has arrived to bring a brand-new competitive mode for players to get stuck into.

Here are the full Fortnite 24.40 update patch notes, including the new Ranked Play mode.

Fortnite 24.40 brings Ranked Play

The v24.40 update brings the new Fortnite Ranked Play mode. This competitive mode is set to replace Fortnite Arena, giving players eight different Ranks to grind through: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal.

After any match is completed with Ranked enabled, players will level up depending on where they finished in the match and how many eliminations they earned. Kills at the end of a match are worth more than at the beginning, while the Rank of the enemy players is also taken into account.

Following the launch of the Fortnite 24.40 update, Ranked Play is available in Solos, Duos, and Trios in regular battle royale, while Zero Build Ranked only includes Duos.

Fortnite 24.40 update material changes

Unlike other competitive modes, Fortnite Ranked Play uses the same ruleset and features as non-Ranked lobbies, and the devs have released some gameplay tweaks in the 24.40 update to make it feel more balanced.

These changes mainly affect materials used for building and apply in regular matches as well as Ranked Play. Check them out below:

  • Material caps will be decreased from 999 to 500.
  • Harvesting rates will be slightly increased.
  • Players will drop 50 of each material when they are eliminated.
Fortnite Ranked Play Ranks
Fortnite players will have eight Rankes to work through.

Fortnite 24.40 update patch notes

Check out the full Fortnite 24.40 update patch notes below, as revealed by Epic Games:

Major Bug Fixes Coming in v24.40

  • Continuing to make improvements regarding some large rocks on the Battle Royale Island not providing as many materials as intended.
  • Fixing an issue preventing players from being healed with Slurp Juice after being DBNO.
  • Back Blings equipped with the Clone Trooper Outfit will no longer appear detached.
  • The Clone Trooper Outfit’s head movement will no longer be static.
  • Fixing an issue causing some Outfits to appear glossy. 

Trios Vault

Please note that the Trios mode will be vaulted in Battle Royale and Zero Build in v24.40.

May 17 Update: Cosmetic Streaming for Mobile and PC

On mobile and PC, we’ve extended the High Resolution Textures setting to give players more control over which content they download and when.

By default, players will stream most cosmetic items as they are encountered rather than install or patch them upfront. This will get players into Fortnite faster and reduce Fortnite’s install size. 

Please note we’re still making improvements to this feature. In v24.40, players on PC will be able to download all high resolution textures at once if they wish. PC players can opt out of streaming by selecting “Disable Cosmetic Streaming” through the Options menu on the Fortnite tile in the Epic Games Launcher.

Some things to keep in mind with High Resolution Textures:

  • Players may notice a network bandwidth increase when streaming in high resolution textures.
  • With the setting “Off,” some cosmetics’ visuals may appear lower-quality by comparison and future patches may be larger.

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