Fortnite 29.10 update patch notes: Guardians of the Galaxy skins, new Mythic, LEGO vehicles, more

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The Fortnite 29.10 update has brought a ton of fresh content to the battle royale, so here are the patch notes with all the details, from the release date and downtime to the long-awaited introduction of LEGO vehicles.

The Fortnite 29.10 update has arrived, not long after the Rise of Midas event, which has spiced things up in the BR. Now, the new update has introduced even more content for players to enjoy, including a collaboration with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

So, here are the patch notes for the Fortnite 29.10 update, including the release date and downtime details.

Fortnite update 29.10 patch notes

Korra Waterbending Mythic, Banana of the Gods, and more arrives in Fortnite 29.10

The Fortnite x Korra collaboration has introduced a new Mythic known as Waterbending, which allows players to harness the water technique from the popular animated TV show. Use this Mythic to chuck sharp frozen water projectiles at the enemy and also gain passive heals while in water.

The Banana of the Gods is a new item that players can consume to restore health over time, increase their sprint speed, and also boost their jump height.

As well as a new Mythic, the update has also reintroduced the Hand Cannon and also brought Midas’ Mythic Drum Gun too.

Battle Royale changes

  • Snipers drop less frequently, and no longer drop as Uncommon or Rare
  • Drum Gun‘s damage and fire rate has been increased
  • Huntress DMR‘s damage and projectile speed has been increased
  • Chain of Hades damage has been increased when pulling targets
  • Frenzy Auto Shotgun‘s max effective range has been lowered

Fortnite 29.10 brings Guardians of the Galaxy bundle

The 29.10 update for Fortnite has introduced Guardians of the Galaxy skins to the game, including LEGO styles for the characters. These skins are for Groot, Drax, and Mantis. The Guardians of the Galaxy collab bundle also comes with emotes, Pickaxes, and Backbling.

Nike Airphoria returns in Fortnite 29.10

The Nike Airphoria crossover has returned in Fortnite v29.10. The collab celebrates the release of the Air Max Dn with new outfits and cosmetics.

The first Airphoria event arrived back in 2023 and came with its own Creative Island and leaks suggested that the return of the collab could bring new game modes, so perhaps something along this line will arrive soon.

LEGO Fortnite v29.10: Mechanical Mayhem patch notes

LEGO Fortnite vehicles

  • Three vehicle builds introduced:
    • Speeder
    • Offroader
    • Hauler

Players can unlock these vehicles by adding a Power Cell, Flexwood, and Frostpine to their inventories, respectively. You can then make them by unlocking the recipe and creating them in the Builds section of the Build menu. You can also build them yourself with these specific parts:

  • Power Center
  • Wheels 
  • Seats
Vehicles in LEGO Fortnite
Players can now build vehicles to explore their maps in LEGO Fortnite.

How to power & tune vehicles

Compost Bin

  • New Station that turns resources into BiomassFertilizer, or Soil. The number and rarity of what it spits out will depend on what you put in, but you’ll need to create Biomass to unlock the Power Cell recipe. 


  • With a Wrench, you can assign Switches and Thrusters to channels, which means you can control as many Thrusters as you’d like using three separate Switches, rather than having one Switch controlling everything. Unlock the recipe for the Wrench by adding a Wooden Rod to your inventory.


  • Illuminator will add an aura of light to your world in dark areas! Unlock the recipe for the Illuminator by adding a Thermal Fish to your inventory and having a Crafting Bench in your world.
LEGO Fortnite Wrench
The Wrench adds new possibilities for switches and other LEGO Fortnite builds.

More updates


  • The suit-wearing tiger Oscar joins Jules, Comet, and Lynx as potential new Villagers! 
  • You’ll unlock the recipes for Ice CreamSnowberry Ice Cream, and Spicy Ice Cream if you add Snow to your inventory and have a Juicer in your world.

Major Improvements, adjustments, and bug fixes


  • New smart transfer feature: transfer all similar items to and from storage.
  • It’s easier to visually tell when your constructs take damage.
    • With the new vehicle building features, we had to adjust some durability values. We recommend using higher-rarity resources to strengthen your constructs if any part breaks.
  • Items can be dropped one at a time when a stack is picked up.
  • Pools of fish can be found near new (but somehow already run-down) docks that are alongside lakes and rivers.
  • Made improvements to constructs so they remain stable when entering and exiting caves.
  • Made stabilization fixes for constructs traveling large distances across the world.


  • The Stormy Emote will be updated to its full, intended animation in LEGO Fortnite. 

More Outfits get a LEGO style

Update 29.10 for Fortnite also brings over 90 more LEGO styles for skins. If you already own these Outfits, their LEGO Styles will automatically be in your Locker. 

Fortnite 29.10 Rocket Racing patch notes

Updates, Changes and Improvements

  • Improved overall feeling of skydiving. Skydiving is activated when the front of your car and velocity are pointed downward. Your fall speed naturally increases in this state and vertical air dodge becomes relative to your vehicle instead of the world.

Speed Run

  • We’ve made it easier to identify your vehicle by applying a grey shader to other player vehicles when in a tight pack. We hope this change will make it easier to keep track of your vehicle as you compete for your best time!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed losing speed or drift boost not being applied properly when landing.
  • Fixed rocket drifts sometimes redirecting the car too fast after landing.
  • Fixed issues that would prevent the out of bounds tube from properly destroying vehicles.

Well, there you have it, that was the Fortnite update 29.10 patch notes. For more, check out our other Fortnite guides:

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